What They Won't Tell You In The Bulls Documentary

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10 months ago

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Izu Okoko
Izu Okoko 2 hours ago
Yo u said mj had one of the greatest 3 percent in nba history 43% the 3 point line was shorten that year
Dean Hyman
Dean Hyman 3 hours ago
How can people even question who is the Greatest player of all times?
Fabian Maldonado
Fabian Maldonado 11 hours ago
The NBA 3 point line was shortened during the 2016 season.
John Trebil
John Trebil 12 hours ago
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Lucas Lemos
Lucas Lemos 14 hours ago
People should stop saying there is no goat, the game changed, the different eras blabla. GOAT? -> MJ, no hesitate bro
Mike Dodd
Mike Dodd 20 hours ago
One of the craziest things abt 10:20 is how he easily would’ve done it 2 more times
chris peters
chris peters 20 hours ago
Jordan and tyson this sums up my childhood and for me was the golden era
Dr. Mike
Dr. Mike 22 hours ago
Great vid!
Aye Itz Devo
Aye Itz Devo Day ago
Lebron averaged 60 in the 80s
Carolyn Smith Ashkh
Carolyn Smith Ashkh Day ago
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Jax Day ago
What separates Jordan and Lebron is how Jordan made all of his teammates around him so much better then they thought they ever could be. Also you could tell he knows how to take over a game in so many different ways.
David Borges
David Borges Day ago
Saying LeBron is No.2 is not an insult
Tej Kad
Tej Kad Day ago
Curry could've been on that list of scoring titles while winning a title if they hadn't choked 3-1 yikes
Daveyboy 330
Daveyboy 330 2 days ago
3am... Craig Elo wakes up screaming again, drenched in sweat Elo's wife cradles him "He can't hurt you anymore Craig, MJ can't hurt u anymore."
Sean Omari
Sean Omari 2 days ago
I said and I will say it again. Zeke was so good that the Pistons made the NBA change the rules to suit MJ. He had no chance of beating the Pistons. It was only because MJ sold out to get these accolades despite the talent
Bernie 2 days ago
talk faster
Philip Bian alcuizar
Philip Bian alcuizar 2 days ago
Football: tom brady lol Soccer: Messi and cr7 debatable Hockey: wayne gretzky Boxing: muhammad ali you know the rules Wrestling: fvck you know that lol u will never see it
your bases are belong to us
your bases are belong to us 2 days ago
here is another fact. The Bulls organization decided to pull the trigger and disbanded their proven championship team and went full rebuild. Legend has it that 23 years later, they have never won another championship and they are still rebuilding.
Ed Wright
Ed Wright 2 days ago
This guy is definitely the most thorough in basketball information online period! I just subscribed bro your the truth like A.I💯
matt waldman
matt waldman 2 days ago
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Bobby McGee
Bobby McGee 2 days ago
Wilts the GOAT! This guy has some real stats to look up! 7min in and already two complete lies or non truths. Only the GOAT has a quintuple double. I've had enough of the fairy tales I'm out!
Jesse Blizzard
Jesse Blizzard 2 days ago
He led the NBA in points in every full season he played with the Bulls...
KAZI 300%
KAZI 300% 3 days ago
Duley 3 days ago
Great video. I appreciate all the hard work and research for this video. But some of the data is manipulated lol. Examples, when u compared modern rookie class for different years to the 2019 whole draft class. And of course the 3pt percentages. That was MJs highest 3pt%. I wished that he did the same for the other players on that roster. Again I’m not trying to take any credit away but u can’t finesse a finesser
Duley 3 days ago
dj johnson
dj johnson 3 days ago
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efraim soloway
efraim soloway 3 days ago
2:43 he has to say “in modern Nba history” cause no one can compete with the real goat wilt
steven frederick
steven frederick 3 days ago
He also played every game. No days off.
Antonio Todd
Antonio Todd 3 days ago
I'm a LeBron fan. But, I think a lot of newer NBA/Lebron fans don't realize how ridiculous Jordan was in the late 80's early 90's. They compare prime LeBron to MJ from 95-98. 😂🤡
Jax 3 days ago
Really surprised Jordan’s highest points in a game was 69.. you think he would have a game with like 110 points!
Keepinit100 Everyday
Keepinit100 Everyday 3 days ago
When MJ reached that total in 3 point % the line was moved in,nice video but you wasnt entirely honest there
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 3 days ago
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FFWKEY 3 days ago
this video is pretty much just showing that lebron is and always will be number 2
OldHenry Lee
OldHenry Lee 3 days ago
This is pretty much why even if Bron, Bron passes Kareem for most points in NBA history the best he can ever still be is #2 on the g.o.a.t. list
Aaron Hedick
Aaron Hedick 4 days ago
It’s Craig Ehlo not Greg.
Jakubs86 4 days ago
Would have been cool to hear other facts about the players featured in the documentary but some of these were really wild. Awesome content.
Kalinbuggs !
Kalinbuggs ! 4 days ago
8:38 the 3 point line was moved up that season right?
Jordy Hitchy
Jordy Hitchy 4 days ago
Yeah watching this again just shows that MJ didn't trust his teammates or give them the ball when he was averaging over 40 points
K!ngisHere 4 days ago
Disingenuous to not mention MJ’s good 3PT shooting season was the season they shortened the 3 PT line......
blue diamond gem
blue diamond gem 4 days ago
Didn’t once take LePEDs either.
Channing Hautop
Channing Hautop 4 days ago
I love how they actually did show the space jam Jordan training facility lol
Calvin L Deakins
Calvin L Deakins 4 days ago
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Roland Bishop
Roland Bishop 4 days ago
Great video
mookeychase0907 4 days ago
Adrian Branch and Aubrey Sberrod two lefty MVPs…
mookeychase0907 4 days ago
It looks like you left Pat Ewing off the 1981 McDonalds game roster …
Mark Donias
Mark Donias 4 days ago
Clicked off the video when he said “Greg” Ehlo 🤦🏽‍♂️
mohamed abood
mohamed abood 5 days ago
Bruh I’m really watching all these past videos and just shows me how much of a GOAT you are 🐐🐐
Julius Ashcroft
Julius Ashcroft 5 days ago
Shattering a backboard is stuois and dangerous. Stop treating it like it was an admirable feat.
KrisJM1234 5 days ago
Concerning the gym practices during his filming of Space Jam, this was pretty much covered entirely in the bulls documentary.
Guy Hanoi
Guy Hanoi 5 days ago
If only Wilt's career was as documented as Michael's, there would have been no doubt who the GOAT is...
RoscoeStar 5 days ago
@9:00 Aubrey looks like Kyrie
Evan Miles
Evan Miles 5 days ago
All of them
A 5 days ago
CRAIG!! lol
Shep Kastel
Shep Kastel 5 days ago
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Eddie Chestnut
Eddie Chestnut 6 days ago
Yet Kobe put 42 in the first half versus Jordan and team 55 pts overall after disrespectful smack talk from MJ in their last matchup previously.
Kid chaor
Kid chaor 5 days ago
Manny Norman
Manny Norman 6 days ago
Giacomo Chimienti
Giacomo Chimienti 6 days ago
so who's your goat?
nouvaleo akbar
nouvaleo akbar 6 days ago
And people still trying to argue which one better Lebron or MJ
Brian Dagliano
Brian Dagliano 6 days ago
I love how no one except the Jordan fans are bringing up Lebron in the comments. So insecure in their goat.
Allden Webb
Allden Webb 6 days ago
lebron is better
Thanos brawl stars
Thanos brawl stars 6 days ago
What can I say except MJ is the goat
ShakeAndBake 7 days ago
Misleading title... Douche
Youssef Maaouia
Youssef Maaouia 7 days ago
You the man
Bobby’s World
Bobby’s World 7 days ago
Winning the scoring title and the championship in the same year more than all the rest combined! Wow! Yeah....that shuts down the GOAT 🐐 talk right here
Uncle Tony
Uncle Tony 7 days ago
Ok, so here's what's most impressive about MJ's backboard-break dune: NOT that he broke the backboard, but that he took-off off TWO feet from near the foul line. That has NEVER been done before by ANYONE! Trust.
Jon Miller
Jon Miller 7 days ago
Watching Simmons dribble that ball wide open make me question my own jump shot
Philmon Berhe
Philmon Berhe 7 days ago
8:30 Jordan shot 43% but remember the line was shorter between 95-97. He still shot 37-38% in 90 & 93 though.
Prince 7 days ago
This guy is greater than any other sports commentator on espn or any other platform! Great researches great infos! 👏🏽
Kristen Lane
Kristen Lane 8 days ago
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hillshire 76
hillshire 76 8 days ago
Most surprising, the glass shattering dunk. Damn.
Hannah Nguyen
Hannah Nguyen 8 days ago
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Explosion Comics TV
Explosion Comics TV 8 days ago
you are awesome! I love your content!
Maxmillian200HP 8 days ago
0:18 "Greg" Ehlo It's "Craig" Ehlo! Jimmy, I expect more from you, ya fucked up son.
Creative Name
Creative Name 7 days ago
Ok Maxmillian
carol perone
carol perone 8 days ago
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Stefanos Miltsoudis
Stefanos Miltsoudis 9 days ago
The Admiral
The Admiral 9 days ago
who is GREG EHLO? you mean CRAIG EHLO? lol
iam oneclicker
iam oneclicker 9 days ago
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Rodney king
Rodney king 9 days ago
Excelente...saludos desde México.
Velha Guarda Tricolor
Velha Guarda Tricolor 11 days ago
Lebron still better! Sorry guys!
Velha Guarda Tricolor
Velha Guarda Tricolor 5 days ago
@Tim Hurst so for you Bill Russell is the GOAT with 11 - 1 Oh no! I forgot you are a stinking hypocrite and have double standards. Lebron = GOAT
Tim Hurst
Tim Hurst 5 days ago
@Velha Guarda Tricolor The most important stat of all ....... 6-0 in the NBA finals. How many times has Baby BronBron lost in the finals ? Shhhhhhhh ..... that’s called winning. Something crybaby doesn’t know anything about.
Creative Name
Creative Name 7 days ago
You are trolling right?
Velha Guarda Tricolor
Velha Guarda Tricolor 10 days ago
@Tim Hurst STATS don't LIE! Yo are delusional! Lebron is better than Jordan and you know it.
Tim Hurst
Tim Hurst 10 days ago
You’re delusional.
Andrew Last Name
Andrew Last Name 11 days ago
2:58 Please stop the misleading graphs... I love the vids and MJ, but there’s never a reason to use these.
LiveLife LS
LiveLife LS 11 days ago
But we’re still arguing about lebron being better? 🤦🏽‍♂️
trollolololulz 11 days ago
Just goes to show MJ don't need to piggy back off a super team and fulfill a role within it to win the chip, he is the super team.
_RKCX_ official
_RKCX_ official 11 days ago
This is by far the best basketball USposts channel period.
StressGaming 12 days ago
9:40 i thought lebron would be there at 2013 ngl
Master Oogway
Master Oogway 12 days ago
I wanna see that 74 player list of guys that never lost to MJ
Mark Fox
Mark Fox 12 days ago
I’ve broken two backboards and I’m only 6 foot two and 180 pounds. I’m not sure how height and weight factors into it.
Ron Reiss
Ron Reiss 12 days ago
Is breaking a backboard supposed to be impressive
José Joaquín Alonso Castañeda
José Joaquín Alonso Castañeda 12 days ago
Man I love your videos. Where do you get stats, how do you get the data?
Hector Gudino
Hector Gudino 13 days ago
Jordan is the best! I miss the good old days.
jeremy dowell
jeremy dowell 13 days ago
Greg Ehlo???
Tim Hurst
Tim Hurst 10 days ago
I noticed that too. *Craig
William Ho
William Ho 13 days ago
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John Harris
John Harris 14 days ago
Hey, I like Jordan too and I'm from North Carolina. And has observed him since those McDonalds all American & UNC days and liked most hoop fans has been amazed and awestruck by his play. Although not so much @ UNC being I grew up a long time NC STATE fan, thanks to David "Skywalker" Thompson, but still you couldn't help but want to watch MJ. But out of curiosity and because I like your videos and a subscriber. Everyone knows how MJ dominated the majority of his competition. But I know that somewhere in his HOF career there had to be a few guy's that gave him a hard time at least until they met again. I know of the scoring battles with Bernard King and Mitch Richmond and his clashes with Hakeem Alajuwon every time they played.But other than that game against Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf who just was unconscious that game with the Denver Nuggets and snapped I believe the bulls road win streak . There had to be some others players in the league that he caught on a hot night. If nothing else just to show that my man was on some nights human.😳
John Neville
John Neville 14 days ago
The fact that MJ didn't seriously hurt himself at 12:19 is amazing.
KidWNDR. MUSIC 13 days ago
Mans got big folded and still came out harmless lol
Frank The Tank
Frank The Tank 14 days ago
It’s Craig Ehlo not Greg mate
Nicholas Malloy
Nicholas Malloy 15 days ago
To be fair he shot 43% but they brung the 3 pt line in like 3 feet that year from 23 to 20.5. And also he took way less 3s than everyone else on the list.
Sean Molloy
Sean Molloy 16 days ago
Yep league leader in scoring while still winning championships. Other great players realised it was a team game, and tried to get others involved to create a great atmosphere. Jordan remained a selfish player up to and including the documentary and HOF speech.
J-Madz U.K
J-Madz U.K 17 days ago
Amazing work great video 👍 MJ the greatest athlete of all time
Jonathan Deegan
Jonathan Deegan 17 days ago
Chris Dudley and Mugsy Bogues were apart of that Era of 'dominance.' 2 dudes that wouldn't make the G-League today. In fact close to half the NBA of Jordan's Era couldn't play in today's skilled League cuz they were straight, statuesque garbage. When you're dominating trash it's really not impressive. Imagine those Utah Jazz teams with Stockton, Hornacek, Greg Foster, Ostertag, Carr and Byron Russel being your best Finals opponent
First Amendment
First Amendment 17 days ago
I love how he included Scottie Pippen as one of the players that Jordan never beat😂 I watched this video when it was uploaded, watching again because its that good 👍
McLovin2021 Mclovin
McLovin2021 Mclovin 17 days ago
Bro you just sound like a straight up D K ryder.
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