Zion Is Doing Something That Has Never Been Done Before...Or Is He?

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Year ago

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Phil Barengolts
Phil Barengolts 16 hours ago
Two months later Zion makes an all star game
Edwin Mensah
Edwin Mensah 2 days ago
Here after he is playing well and his hype is dying 😔😔
KAZI 300%
KAZI 300% 2 days ago
Cheater Clxd
Cheater Clxd 5 days ago
The 1k people that disliked they dumb
Imhotep Obasi
Imhotep Obasi 8 days ago
He's doing something never done as a rookie before yet JA Morant was rookie of the year hmmmmm
Michael Hawse
Michael Hawse 13 days ago
O liked the analysis
Bluebirdfalling 16 days ago
I think Zion is doing things not seen or rarely seen before for his body type. I don't know how many times it's happened since Charles and Shaq each had a 40/20 game but I'd guess not often. Just imagine a guy's very first game ever and he goes for 43 and 28. Totally insane.
Bethania vargas
Bethania vargas 19 days ago
Maybe Zion already took the baphomet so he'll be the next face of the N.B.A.
Unity 19 days ago
This man is so underrated
Seattle Slim
Seattle Slim 19 days ago
Correction on Wilt remember he first played pro ball in high school. At 16 if my memory serves me right. Great video sorry Wilt is the man to me and doesn’t get his jus acknowledgment to me. Thanks for the videos. U do good shit bro.
W for Wavy
W for Wavy 22 days ago
the greatest rookie is wilt or mike
Dorian Theodore
Dorian Theodore 25 days ago
He was also on minutes restrictions during his first 10 games. Just for context.
C M Month ago
Ah, the overhyped Zion. The one who literal DOCTORS are like “... this y’all guy? 👀” usposts.info/vision/jtLFqs7doHKahtQ/video
ロッテファン Month ago
Jimmy Got me intrigued about the Terry Cummings guy... Learnt he was a 2 time all star 😂
no thing
no thing Month ago
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Ballislifeali69 Month ago
There aren’t talking about stats they are talking about his build n how he moves like a point
Gavin Schwartz
Gavin Schwartz Month ago
Im here after Lamelo became the youngest player to average a triple double ever
Gid Stein
Gid Stein 2 months ago
Bruh those x are Jimmy’s favorite thumbnail
Joey zzz
Joey zzz 2 months ago
Wilt chamberlain statically is the greatest rookie no contest
Lorrance Lewis
Lorrance Lewis 2 months ago
Limited minutes
Sensei_Bonillia 2 months ago
You can't compare kwahi season to Michael 10 games. Like compare K/D ratio of someone who played 10 good game to someone who played a whole year. The less game with good performance is always going to look better than 1 whole year of play
Alberto Mendoza
Alberto Mendoza 2 months ago
Idk, Zion Williamson is already better than most of those people who had good rookie seasons, his game now is better than their whole career, the only people who will remember those people are their families
why you mad
why you mad 2 months ago
Where is wilt
Tanner Mortimer
Tanner Mortimer 2 months ago
4:31 yes Micheal Jordan is the goat, but you can’t compare a full year of stats to 10 games of stats. Rather compare Jordan’s first whole year to kawhis 8th.
Tristan Reynolds
Tristan Reynolds 2 months ago
Spartanburg sc 🙏
Pedro Gordinho
Pedro Gordinho 3 months ago
2:19 I was looking to that chart and I was surprised to see that black Jesus wasn't in the top ten. I just realized that the number one spot was missing, when you said his name. :)
Xzander Graves
Xzander Graves 3 months ago
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Ly Tran
Ly Tran 3 months ago
“next great big man” *they were right* *suprised pikachu face*
mike Dprodigy
mike Dprodigy 3 months ago
Terry Cummings sounds like a Rick and mort character🤣
botaco 3 months ago
Chamberlain’s first year: 37.6 ppg and 27 rebounds.
Tim S
Tim S 3 months ago
i know i might be late to the party... but wtf just happened @ 7:20?? In hirst first game) lemao
Luis Rea
Luis Rea 3 months ago
Zion has the potential to be a modern Barkley with no MJ to stop him
John Houston
John Houston 3 months ago
Only thing I haven't heard was Zion did all this with a tweaked knee, I could be wrong but is that what was going on?
Forced to take a picture with my wifes son
Forced to take a picture with my wifes son 3 months ago
Wilt and kareem came into the league doing more
SpiriT NBALM 3 months ago
PABLO CAMACHO 3 months ago
But obviously none of that really matters.. I mean half your list, I had no idea existed lol so I guess consistency is still key
George Bol
George Bol 4 months ago
Kyle Malekebu
Kyle Malekebu 4 months ago
zion couldnt have won ROTY because he only played like 30 games
Nico Arcilla
Nico Arcilla 4 months ago
I thought the number one spot was Wilt Chamberlain. The only player to win rookie of the year and mvp putting up 37 ppg 20+ rebounds per game.
Bark 19 days ago
@Ricardo Filho I think jimmy is also counting pound for pound because in that case wilt would suffer
Ricardo Filho
Ricardo Filho 3 months ago
it would be Wilt if the NBA counted blocks at that point, his and Russel's blocks per game were 8-10, allegedly of course
MultiMemich 4 months ago
Come on, Zion is doing what no other fat guy ever did.
Nicholas Rytting
Nicholas Rytting 4 months ago
Zion's actually a really cool dude.
Grove Money
Grove Money 4 months ago
These are Michael Jordan’s numbers in a man to man small white guy defending me league haha
Waleed Al-Rabbani
Waleed Al-Rabbani 4 months ago
Not here to watch the video just here to say the title makes zero sense
OutGrown 4 months ago
Lol I love how it has to be after 1970 or else Wilt would just destroy all numbers
Brady22 4 months ago
Zion is basically charles Barkley
Brady22 4 months ago
Bro everyone is hyping Zion so much
ABT 4 months ago
zion is already better than tatum.
Mehdi Dif
Mehdi Dif 4 months ago
Come on jimmy why u do my man simmons like that 😂😂😂
FOU ALTER 4 months ago
Yup that MCW debut game really shock the whole NBA fans... But well thats the only moment you could remember about MCW
C. Bush
C. Bush 4 months ago
Zion Williamson is similar to LeBron James. Do you agree with me?
GrimReaperTV - wacky60
GrimReaperTV - wacky60 4 months ago
Ja Morant is better though
ZGRAKIJU 4 months ago
good times! every five days we have one player with more records....how lucky are we?????
Sillybird 1513
Sillybird 1513 4 months ago
Little did we know only days after this video was released we would see the basketball season paused and Zion wouldn’t play for the rest of this season
RANDOM SERBIAN 4 months ago
Zack Freeze
Zack Freeze 5 months ago
Zion is the 2nd most overrated prospect in basketball history right behind Lebron James. Anybody can drive the ball down the lane and dunk in a league where rules prevent defense. Stats??? PPPG??? Those stats don't equal championships Jimmy. Zion didn't prove anything at the college level. Prove it in the tournaments man or get off the floor.
Jam Man
Jam Man 5 months ago
As a Zion fan I think the media should stop talking about him that much and treat him like a actual young player like Trae Young, Luka, Ja, Tatum and others
Harmanjot Singh
Harmanjot Singh 5 months ago
MAX how da hell you ain't putting Wilt in list of physical freaks The disrespect he gets smh
Demarkus on datrack
Demarkus on datrack 4 months ago
because thats common sense
Nick Vlogs
Nick Vlogs 5 months ago
Manu El
Manu El 5 months ago
Tyler Herro has the new rookie high
Pedro Augusto Costa
Pedro Augusto Costa 5 months ago
Who is here after Ja Morant won(worthily) Rookie of the year?
sicmic 5 months ago
Jimmy, you have the best NBA videos on USposts, hands down! Thanks brother.
Alex Tsilemou
Alex Tsilemou 5 months ago
Zion just sits on the paint and waits till the ball comes to him, all of his points are from basically alley-ops. And you call him the next big thing thing.
Demarkus on datrack
Demarkus on datrack 4 months ago
@Alex Tsilemou thats what it means "ikr=I know right
Alex Tsilemou
Alex Tsilemou 4 months ago
@Demarkus on datrack No, I meant I didnt understand what you said.
Demarkus on datrack
Demarkus on datrack 4 months ago
@Alex Tsilemou *i know right*
Alex Tsilemou
Alex Tsilemou 4 months ago
@Demarkus on datrack what????
Demarkus on datrack
Demarkus on datrack 4 months ago
Soham Patil
Soham Patil 5 months ago
Terry cunmings is a god in 2k20
NOSA 5 months ago
Ani Maniaccc
Ani Maniaccc 5 months ago
Advance stats always blow my mind
Ryan Crum
Ryan Crum 5 months ago
I just now realized how much jxmy says lace up
Mobydickofdopeness 6 months ago
He does look a little different doing it though. Anyway, like everyone my only concern is his health. If he gets lucky he's going to become a more explosive Karl Malone with 3-pt range. Can't expect that kind of durability and longevity, but if he gets even 75% of the time Malone did in his prime he's going to do some special things.
HunchoTheDemon 6 months ago
The way how wilt Chamberlain only got 2 rings is beyond me such a good player with a lot of potential couldn't get as many rings as he could've got
Bark 19 days ago
He only got 2 rings because his team had bad chemistry and then you have bill Russell and his Celtics with a better put together team
Shane Lightner
Shane Lightner 6 months ago
Zion is baby Shaq tbh
Returnof Kon
Returnof Kon 6 months ago
DSC disapruve.
DSC disapruve. 6 months ago
Mixtape Legend
Mixtape Legend 6 months ago
I love this dudes vids but this 1 time I can easily say that u are very wrong... What zion is doing is not about numbers its about how he weighs 280 pounds, but can fly... I want you to think about that then look at his numbers
Allex G
Allex G 6 months ago
We gotta wait and see if he can survive the injury bug.
sole.jacobb on Instagram
sole.jacobb on Instagram 6 months ago
Why they throw harden I’m tryna embarrass him he’s a iso player lmao and it’s only by .7 don’t mean nun
14GoOdLiFe 6 months ago
What about Doncic? Ah he's white and European... Forgot it completely
Takizawa Sediou
Takizawa Sediou 6 months ago
What about Derrick rose? the youngest mvp ever?
Kahlil Poet
Kahlil Poet 6 months ago
too much hype
Carlos III Trinidad
Carlos III Trinidad 6 months ago
#01 [BLANK]... Pokemon Battle Intro~... oh look! a Shiny Jordan Appeared!
PilipiHoops 6 months ago
hes bust
Revel King
Revel King 6 months ago
I thought luka doncic was on the list because of the triple double when he was a rookie.
Revel King
Revel King 6 months ago
Stil Ja Morant for the Rookie of the year.
Pengu 6 months ago
Andi H
Andi H 7 months ago
Zions walkes like an old man. In 5 years his knees are done.
AerykB 13
AerykB 13 7 months ago
When he drops an octave and says in his best Barry White voice "yeah"....you should have been shocked by something he said about 40 seconds ago lmao
Cyprien Cottin
Cyprien Cottin 7 months ago
I left a comment because he asked me to
DeLollers Preysler
DeLollers Preysler 7 months ago
Oh...great. Zion will be the Messi of bastketball. Pure marketing above his natural talent. Sad
Bob Sacamento
Bob Sacamento 7 months ago
Jxmy should do his own stats programme and sell it to the bigger networks.... great job as always. Youre multi talented and keep it up!!!
Yaya Yoyo
Yaya Yoyo 7 months ago
giannis still better tho
Krlllx 6 months ago
no shit
Sebbie Barr
Sebbie Barr 7 months ago
Wilt Chamberlain dominated professional players as a 16 year old
TELLY FYE 7 months ago
Dude overhyped im sorry
D C Sr
D C Sr 7 months ago
REACH, LENGTH, and HEIGHT are major metrix in BB. Its allowed Kobe, VC, etc. to stay productive after their athleticism fade. Unless he can constantly shoot the corner 3 and learn to pivot/pump fake is Ass off in the post like Larry Johnson, he'll have to hang it up in 6-7 years.
Daniel Chan
Daniel Chan 7 months ago
Terence Davis, undrafted rookie has the third highest career high in the NBA 2019 draft.
Jumaane ROBINSON SR 7 months ago
57%is the Championship formula. Check Shaq and Kobe, MJ%, and MJ & KAJ
Ryuk 7 months ago
It's not how you start but how you finish.
FLiGHT_ 7 months ago
I wonder how Kendrick nun stacks up along side him for first 10 games played. He had more points scored than kd did in his first 5 games or something. And he wasn’t in the draft 👀
H.P. Albers
H.P. Albers 7 months ago
0:01 Giannis enters the chat
have a good day
have a good day 7 months ago
Can we please talk about how amazing wilt is I put him goat I mean look at the stats
MrLostform 7 months ago
Jack Swaney
Jack Swaney 7 months ago
I love jxmy and I think he makes great videos I watch all of them but I rlly think this was a stupid video it put so much time into and talking about how he hasn’t done anything we’ve never seen before and I just think that’s dumb Bc that’s not the reason he’s popping everywhere it’s his physical abilities how he can jump through the roof how he’s insanely jacked now and lost weight and all that shit we’ve never seen a player who plays like Zion does and that’s the point it has nothing to do a with stats but we have seen something like ja morant before no disrespect to ja but we’ve seen his style of play before in like a Russell Westbrook
the lyrical wizard
the lyrical wizard 7 months ago
There’s a 95% chance that he’s gonna be great but u gotta remember that theirs a 5% chance that he could get injured like what happened to rose
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