When A 17 Year Old Michael Jordan Met His Equal At A Basketball Camp

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8 months ago

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Some Guy
Some Guy 24 minutes ago
Celtics: We’ve found the next great player to build our team around. Universe: I think your run has been long enough.
Anthony Ayres
Anthony Ayres 28 minutes ago
Bias would have been the best to ever play
Moringa Origins
Moringa Origins 4 hours ago
Michael Jordan has no equal!!💯🤷🏿‍♂️
Adolph Macim
Adolph Macim 4 hours ago
23 lebron 34 giannis
Milly May
Milly May 10 hours ago
It's only gay if you want it to be." - Michael Jordan to Bias, 1982
Taron Young
Taron Young 16 hours ago
Wait wait wait....MJ is the Goat and my favorite...But Zeke did his thang and was old and injured.
Taron Young
Taron Young 17 hours ago
What the 80's had yet to learn is that MJ took that summer camp "personally"
THis GuyHere
THis GuyHere 18 hours ago
Football game? You lost me at 2:25 Do you know what basketball even is? Is this the first time you've seen basketball? Dude... gtfo
Jason Lynch
Jason Lynch 19 hours ago
I did coke with Jordan and Bias at that camp
Alex Orellana
Alex Orellana 20 hours ago
What If...
Beni Blanco
Beni Blanco 21 hour ago
Not trying to hate on Len, but comments even the Moderator in video. Acting as IF Len could've challenged MJ. Ok but what IF Lens presence in the NBA, would've made MJ even Greater?? MJ wasn't great cause of himself, it was cause of his Competition. The levels he rose to win. Still nice video, RIP Len
Jacky Truong
Jacky Truong 21 hour ago
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Christopher Davisson
Christopher Davisson 23 hours ago
Wow! That's sad. Great video. Good stuff man. Good stuff.
oldcougar65 Day ago
My wife was from Wilmington, a few years ahead of MJ. She said Jordan was cut from his team. as a Soph Don't know if it's true.
Swampside Sancho
Swampside Sancho Day ago
“Black Ice” 😂😂😂
Mark LaVonna
Mark LaVonna Day ago
GREAT story and tribute to Lynn!!!! Thanks for sharing this
G0ddEity Day ago
I thought that was justin Bieber in the thumbnail lol
Splatter Batter
Splatter Batter Day ago
Clickbait. Most people don't know that MJ was cut from the JV team in high school. He was his best junior year and senior. That is when he committed to UNC and made it to the NBA from there.
Fornax70 Day ago
I hate thinking about the what if with Len Bias. A late 80s Celtics team with Bird, McHale, Parish, Lewis, DJ, Bias would of been something.
Steve McRae Manager
Steve McRae Manager Day ago
I remember when Bias died a friend told me. I didn't believe him . When I saw it on TV I was in complete shock. I was from Baltimore but had moved to NC.
poopy sba
poopy sba Day ago
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Robert Huot
Robert Huot Day ago
Needless to say, the celts would have definitely added to their championship totals.
RM M Day ago
Met his equal? You know how he takes this sort of thing, right?. Better sleep with one eye open...
adam s
adam s Day ago
RIP Bias , hope ur dunkin on foos up there in heaven too !
curtis south
curtis south Day ago
Jordan was and has all ways been a cry baby! Kind of like quarterbacks today!
werthy is my name
werthy is my name 2 days ago
Truth is: don’t matter who you are or how bad you may be There is always that someone that’s better .
Andrew Tucker
Andrew Tucker 2 days ago
Probably killed
Smowk Delic
Smowk Delic 2 days ago
Must say you sound a lil foolish, Dominique Wilkins ( the human highlight film) went @ M.J. & anybody else on the court! And seeing that you mentioned Barkley & thats a different position as is Isaiah , Nique 4sho Wait ✋ yeah putting D.W. wouldn't go with your narrative huh ! Gotit ....
Mark Magner
Mark Magner 2 days ago
No Bird?
Silver Bull30
Silver Bull30 2 days ago
RIP Bias , Great Video!
Michael Knapp
Michael Knapp 3 days ago
When Jordan was a freshman at NC I was a junior in high school taking an advanced basketball class. The teacher or coach brought in a tv with a vcr showing us video of how to properly shoot a basketball. He wanted us to watch Jordan shoot jump shots. They were just perfect!!!!!
5-minute Crimes
5-minute Crimes 3 days ago
As a new USpostsr... this research is fucking mindblowing... Go get em Jxmy!
Code Ref
Code Ref 3 days ago
Isaiah beat Mike handedly....there were no Chicago championships without the addition of Scottie Pippen
da sakdj
da sakdj 4 days ago
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Moses Mosaic
Moses Mosaic 5 days ago
Found the took it personal comment
Jack Lo
Jack Lo 5 days ago
KD recently came off the bench lol
Hoodie x Slime
Hoodie x Slime 5 days ago
If he was so great why did he go #2
Gravity No
Gravity No 5 days ago
@Hoodie x Slime I have no clue
Hoodie x Slime
Hoodie x Slime 5 days ago
@Gravity No makes sense
Gravity No
Gravity No 5 days ago
Bc he was great but they thought he was going to flop like a lot of prospects
Brian Bacon
Brian Bacon 5 days ago
This was incredibly well done
Milko 5 days ago
0:26 imagine to wear Adidas 🤣
Pat W.
Pat W. 5 days ago
mind blown about what wouldve been its crazy
Mark R
Mark R 6 days ago
The Grateful Dead Dedicated The Song " He's Gone! At the fort concert after the TRADGEDY
batuhan biner
batuhan biner 6 days ago
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o2bakgb 7 days ago
Biased is way more clutch then Jordan
Perry Malcolm
Perry Malcolm 7 days ago
I was saddened by his death. Kept his picture on my wall for years. Such a loss.
Neuron 7 days ago
What about: MJ vs Karl Malone?
your bases are belong to us
your bases are belong to us 7 days ago
too bad Bias didnt learn to shun drugs like Mike
Marcsman07 7 days ago
11:48 After 10+ minutes of hearing how great Len Bias was I was beginning to wonder why I had never heard of him. Such a shame that he died so young.
bigsexysw 7 days ago
How good would have Bias been had it not been for drugs and then an eventual overdose is what we will never get. Or the kid from Chicago killed in High school before he got drafted out of school. Somethings we will never know.
Kevin T
Kevin T 7 days ago
The worst tragedy in the history of basketball including Kobe and Drazen.
vincentnnyc 7 days ago
How did he died?
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson 8 days ago
I smoked Crack with Len Bias
MJ - The GOAT 8 days ago
Don’t lie, dude! Jordan said that in reference to Clyde Drexler!
Josh Jones
Josh Jones 8 days ago
I feel like there's a movie in there somewhere about a young Len Bias and MJ.
Charles Spardello
Charles Spardello 8 days ago
I'm from Boston suburb this is still talked about up here Larry's successor
b t s n
b t s n 9 days ago
great coverage of t he late great len bias. im sure millions have wondered what could have been. shame he never was able to reach his potential. Rest in Paradise Len Bias.
Anna Judit
Anna Judit 9 days ago
The person who voice over this video was sound like in overtime.
Deja Vu
Deja Vu 9 days ago
Hey tell Ryan saunders he needs a haircut in your thumbnail.
C. S. Robinson
C. S. Robinson 9 days ago
I boarded the Red Line in the District in 1986, for a trip out to Landover, Maryland, where the 1986 NBA Draft was simulcast on a big screen inside the Capital Center, then home to the Washington Bullets, the 1978 NBA champions. I watched the draft in the Capital Center, televised from New York. Bias was picked #2. The fans in New York booed when the Knicks selected Kentucky star Kenny Walker with the 5th pick, who later won the All Star slam dunk competition. Bias was dead within days of his selection by the Celtics. Maryland and the District were both in shock. What a unit that might have been. DJ, Bird, McHale, Parish, you could imagine Bias on the floor with those four..
uowebfoot 9 days ago
Way to go Portland.
Joel Driver
Joel Driver 10 days ago
Len Bias' death is arguably the reason I never tried drugs of any kind. He died from an overdose of cocaine and it was my understanding at the time that it was the first time he ever tried it (that may or may not be true). I just figured if somebody around my age (I was 17 in 1986) like him who was 6'8" 230 pounds and a physical freak of nature could die then maybe drugs aren't such a great idea. True story.
RaginCajun311 10 days ago
Celtics 🍀 would have dominated with Bias Bird McCale Parish DJ
CHS Celebrity
CHS Celebrity 10 days ago
Is there an episode of the Last Dance that’s focused on before his nba career? If so can someone tell me which one
John Smith
John Smith 10 days ago
You clearly have a bias for bias.
Neon Peon
Neon Peon 10 days ago
All while watching this I'm sittin here thinkin "why have I never heard of Bias before? I know I'm not a basketball superfan or anything but I'd thought I've had heard at least something." At the end: aw, damn.
C. Cashtodoor
C. Cashtodoor 11 days ago
Wow, remember this like yesterday, was the best rivalry I had seen in College. Len was Up for the challenge against MJ... He didn't break down like many do. RIP Len B , The Goat still carries your sprit and Karma from the Battles had.
abc abc
abc abc 11 days ago
Bruh. Why does Bronny jr. look like a young Jordan? 😐
batuhan biner
batuhan biner 11 days ago
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BobM760 13 days ago
"Black Ice" is nice!
Bob Davis
Bob Davis 13 days ago
Jordan is only 6.4
A C 13 days ago
This reminds me why MJ is the GOAT. He played both ends. You dont see that type of hustle in todays game.
joe bob
joe bob 14 days ago
D-Rose, Bias, Oden, a couple others. Damn. Imagine what could've been.
Babara Zeiger
Babara Zeiger 14 days ago
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JJ Kosky
JJ Kosky 14 days ago
I liked and subbed
Gil L
Gil L 15 days ago
There is no way anyone could stop or even match this Michael Jordan.
linh đào
linh đào 15 days ago
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SuperGGLOL 15 days ago
Yooo this video is entertaining ! Well researched. I don’t play basketball but I watch a lot of NBA.
F. Ping
F. Ping 15 days ago
did MJ really say he took offense to being compared to Bias? I think that's a quote out of context; he was referring to another player in "Last Dance" series but not Bias
Antwain Williams
Antwain Williams 16 days ago
He didn't get good until college
Max Well
Max Well 16 days ago
Jordan would never be who he is if Bias didnt die. Maybe someone knew this and took advantage of it? Jordan was about to become a billion dollar athlete, you think people wouldnt kill for this?
RSA x TrapG0d
RSA x TrapG0d 17 days ago
Damn man that broke my heart rip Len Bias
theBbOoSsSs 17 days ago
one of them always dies. i wonder why
Lonnie Booker
Lonnie Booker 17 days ago
Gone Too Soon, #LenBias 😢🙏🏼🏀💔🕊️ The most unforgettable basketball player that made history in College Basketball with Michael Jordan that's never been forgotten. He'll someday who will be in Springfield, MA as a future inductee into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame with fellow basketball greats.
gunshot619 18 days ago
Poor Guy died of Cardiac arrest
Derrick Wang
Derrick Wang 20 days ago
Overrated, With all respect to Mr Bias. He had not met Patrick Ewing, Dennis Rodman, Malone Mailman, Piston Gangsters and the rest of NBA bad asses.
Diamond Lian
Diamond Lian 20 days ago
MJ: I am not saying he wasn’t a threat ... but me being comparing to him!! I took that personally ... 😂😂😂
ALEX LOPEZ 21 day ago
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Roland moreno
Roland moreno 21 day ago
You think this dead coke head would have made a difference . Would have been a headline news dead nba player dead first year playing
Ricky LaFleur
Ricky LaFleur 23 days ago
What if I say the highlights were bias to Jordan
Erik A
Erik A 23 days ago
I don't understand the comparison here.... this seems over hyped , but that's just me. How did he go toe to toe with Jordan. For me this isn't even a contest.
Scott Miller
Scott Miller 24 days ago
appreciate the video but the title is in obvious error, ie. click bait...?
Michael Majoris
Michael Majoris 24 days ago
Delmiko Taylor
Delmiko Taylor 25 days ago
I remember watching them go at it. Len Bias death robbed basketball fans of a future top 5 NBA superstar.
Quimane Richardson
Quimane Richardson 25 days ago
Maybe because A 17 year old Jordan was a final form Jordan 😂
KiN CAMELL 26 days ago
Much Gratitude
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson 26 days ago
Black Ice sounds like a killer.
pendragon U
pendragon U 27 days ago
I saw Michael play his last 3 years of College and none of them would be as good as the GOAT's after just 2 years in Pro Basketball, and NO ONE was prepared for what he would become by 86 and 88.... And even after, when everybody was already more than aware and still amazed, what it happened out of nowhere (beyond expected by others who studied his game again and again and trained against it) whenever the games became uphill rocky mountains for his team. You just had to be there to watch it, that MOJO that made his skills redundant I never seen before or AFTER never again. Regardless that many try to keep calling others every new season batch of pro players, "the next", "the new", the "better" Michael Jordan ever. There is no such thing, and all those who were at one time better than him when young and undeveloped to his full capacity of growth, where they stood in 1989, and where they stand now? The same like Charles Barkley or Magic or Ewing or even Shaq many times again and again, eyes wide opened, shaking their heads because he just passed in front of them _and it was simply not to believe. Even when they and even more his own team mates like Pippen and others knew how his game moved, but a different thing when seeing it activated in front of you. I still havent seen alike, regardless points or records made in different ways to push and charge a game. When you see how a Panther moves like lightning you cant mind how Rhinos or Elephants and Giraffes may dominate a field. The fastest Bruce Lee would steal your porn stache right under your nose with only two fingers, and you didn't see it coming even if you knew he could do such.
M J 27 days ago
"him being a threat, I took offense to that"'... was a quote about Clyde Drexler not Len Bias...you ruined the integrity of a perfectly good video.
David Goren
David Goren 27 days ago
Fist off - great piece, I was not aware of them meeting at a HS BB Camp before seeing this - I do remember my whole HS (Rockville, MD.) being brought into the Auditorium over the Death of Len Bias. Option to seek further counseling if we needed it. Not to mention to give us the "just say NO to drugs" speech over again as if Nancy Regan herself was standing on the stage. It was a sad moment in Maryland Sports. I think Boston takes away one East Title, if not two from Chicago if Len didn't tragically die. However, all just speculation, we will never know. We can say that it would have made the NBA East Conference far more competitive in the late 80s & Early 90s as a whole.
Christopher Brock
Christopher Brock 28 days ago
Met his equal ??? Get real
Clay Williams
Clay Williams 28 days ago
To be able to watch Michael Jordan and Len Bias compete for two “GREAT” years was Epic. #GREATNESS
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