This Will Never Happen Again

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Year ago

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JxmyHighroller Year ago
Still recovering from that Spencer Freedman 1V1. 🤒
nawnauris 5 days ago
BrokenTxmz Month ago
@ICECREAMACHINE That's not true,and not all basketball players are uneducated you do know russel westbrook had a 4.0 GPA
Who the F cares? is complete sh!t now....bunch o dummies and commies.....good commentary, but nobody cares about uneducated fools ANYMORE
Dale Denham
Dale Denham Month ago
@Sean2k you
Juan Jose Perez
Juan Jose Perez Month ago
@K1ng Shr3k l
Super- noodle2008
Super- noodle2008 Hour ago
let’s be honest..... this is the mark rober of sports
Adrian Torres
Adrian Torres 5 hours ago
I’m pretty sure IMG won the 2019 but keep going..
ツZeff 12 hours ago
generations of miracle without the 6th man because the 6th man went and got an anime
jFDNYCk 13 hours ago
Isn’t one of them still in jail in China?
Celes Griner
Celes Griner 13 hours ago overrated
S Valentine
S Valentine 13 hours ago
“He was arguably the best player in high school basketball in 2016.” Ahhhhhh no. Josh Jackson had that, Harry Giles was locked in on that spot too before he got injured. None of the major places put Lonzo at 1.
AshtonMcFly 13 hours ago
Can’t believe I witnessed this shit and then then all grow up but I never really respected them until this video and lamelos recent success
AshtonMcFly 14 hours ago
How mad would you be if a 14 year old started over you 😂
Warrior Poet 777
Warrior Poet 777 14 hours ago
Brak Zaint
Brak Zaint 14 hours ago
Miracle gen
Error Alert
Error Alert 15 hours ago
Anybody gonna notice they beat Jefferson that was 82 in the nation only 91-90
DAVID MIRKHEL 17 hours ago
Sierra canyon was better
Andrew Stiteler
Andrew Stiteler 23 hours ago
Who the fuck cares
JStarStar00 Day ago
Big deal, a paid semipro team beats another paid semipro team.
Arikh frizt
Arikh frizt Day ago
Basically, they are "Kiseki No Sedai"
brian massey
brian massey Day ago
When was the last time you watched in a HS basketball game where a team sunk 2 shots that were furthur than 60 feet away from the rim and both shots went in??? Well 2 guys at my HS did it in one game in 1987. Soo who do you know that has ever done it??? It's very rare you see it once in a game but to see it happen 2 times over??? UNHEARD OF. IT JUST NEVER HAPPENS.
Randy Nelson
Randy Nelson Day ago
Maybe it’s already been said here, but 3017 champ Nathan Hale is a public school, too.
Backspace Ninja
Backspace Ninja Day ago
Why was there much hate when the oldest got drafted??
Colorado Rockies fan 5
Colorado Rockies fan 5 Day ago
So disrespectful😂
Madison Morris
Madison Morris Day ago
6:40 thanks for reminding me of all the students at my high school who think facial hair is the thing.
Madison Morris
Madison Morris Day ago
All personal skills aside, these players work together. Idk if there was drama on the team, but it definitely doesn’t look like it made it on the court. That’s beautiful. Especially with brothers.
父Aosvo Day ago
6:46 my friend is basically his brother bam bam
captainkrunch Day ago
Hopefully , with age they will learn some class
Johanon Calvin
Johanon Calvin Day ago
10:19 literally celebrating rather than playing D since they ran up the score so high.
Johanon Calvin
Johanon Calvin Day ago
Chris Houterman
Chris Houterman Day ago
Idk enough about basketball, ngl. So can someone explain to me how gelo was the leading scorer and was overshadowed heavy?
ilike oneclicks
ilike oneclicks 2 days ago
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Juddy 2 days ago
matt 2 days ago
how are they gonna hype it up like that chino team didnt literally have 3 NBA players on that squad and another dude who is averaging 18 and 8 in college like wtf? that other squad had dillon brooks, i mean hes nice i guess but against 3 NBA players and a college superstar no thanks.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 2 days ago
I mean it was 4 future NBA players (3 First rounders) vs the top highschool in the Nation.
Critty Cothran
Critty Cothran 2 days ago
Winning by 2 pts isn't mopping the floor with someone lmao
matt waldman
matt waldman 2 days ago
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Kelvin Carolina Boi Lawton
Kelvin Carolina Boi Lawton 2 days ago
Hey i know them guys
Barack Osama
Barack Osama 2 days ago
Who here after Melo and Zo faced eachother in an nba game
Cyic 2 days ago
Real Life Cheat Codes
jaydizzlefoprez 2 days ago
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notkyle YT
notkyle YT 2 days ago
2021 sc vs 2016 chino hills...who is winning bronny and sc or ball bruvz and china
KingCurry 3 days ago
They just styled on everyone for 35 games straight... I don't think they saw anyone around as a worthy challenge to take seriously...
Shelby Jordan
Shelby Jordan 3 days ago
I would love to see this team vs 2002 Dallas Lincoln how they would do.
Yoboy Odyssey
Yoboy Odyssey 3 days ago
I forgot lonzo came here
Charles Page
Charles Page 4 days ago
Well where they now do a update they not doing so well now
maricel sanchez
maricel sanchez 4 days ago
Now we're talkin....bunaaalllzzz
unrealfn 4 days ago
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Daniel Boelke
Daniel Boelke 4 days ago
I would have just bulldozed Lamelo, that would have knocked one of the three out which makes the game a lot easier
David Scarpa
David Scarpa 4 days ago
How the hell did lamelo grow 12 inches
David Scarpa
David Scarpa 2 days ago
@vdo3000 poor gelo
vdo3000 2 days ago
Genetics. Both parents were college basketball players.
The word is NO videos
The word is NO videos 4 days ago
Literally like the ball brothers can telepathically tell each other what they're gonna do.
Tanner Edwards
Tanner Edwards 4 days ago
At 6:43 they almost lost a game against Jefferson
kevin marlow
kevin marlow 4 days ago
Aye showed Sonora some love at 8:01 lmao only losing to mater dei by 28 was an accomplishment at the time for us
Calmaressurgebat 4 days ago
Mater Dei is good at literally every sport lmao
Michael Smithwick
Michael Smithwick 4 days ago
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Andrew Valdes
Andrew Valdes 5 days ago
Hell yeah that was gonna happen everyone just slept on chino hills just like everyone sleeps on the ball brothers till this day
Jake Paul Number One Fan I Love You Jake
Jake Paul Number One Fan I Love You Jake 5 days ago
This video has aged like a fine wine after melo’s rookie season
PlutoOnConsole 8 hours ago
im saying
YEOITSSKI 5 days ago
Man i used to watch the ball brothers assuming lonzo was league bound, and yet look how it all plays out , 3 (4 if you count gelo)future nba players, 5 future d1 picks . Wow i couldnt have ever imagined the history i was witnessing
Israel D. Pacheco
Israel D. Pacheco 5 days ago
I want to see a lamelo ball anime
William •
William • 5 days ago
Who here after Lamelo is averaging nearly 20 points 6 assists 6 rebounds in games he starts, oh and on good shooting splits too
Ryan Cox
Ryan Cox 5 days ago
Is no-one going to talk about how they beat Jefferson the worst team they played by one point
Britex 5 days ago
Lonzo draft:Lakers Lamelo draft:hornets
Marcus Mitchell
Marcus Mitchell 5 days ago
Where's Coach Carter when you need him, huh?
Marcus Mitchell
Marcus Mitchell 5 days ago
A starting 5 that did run almost everyone else's whole team out of the gym no matter how good they were supposed to be. And, a 14 year old that can play like that may not have been seen since Maravich...Still, to this guy's credit, defensive players weren't as athletic, agile, or as fast back in Pete's day.
Chad Caare
Chad Caare 6 days ago
I like how they celebrate in the Middle of a game hahaha like if im their enemy i will definitely tell my coach to throw a white towel ..
Flairie 6 days ago
these the Generation of Miracles boys
Kevin Henry
Kevin Henry 6 days ago
Reminds carter. Make a movie.about this
WaReAgLe ReBeL
WaReAgLe ReBeL 6 days ago
What high school teams play teams in other states?
ShakoLVB 7 days ago
It’s crazy how it’s the exact top 3
Keith Karlac
Keith Karlac 7 days ago
Best highschool team ever in my eyes
Esoteric Nomad
Esoteric Nomad 7 days ago
What a fuckin story.... I’d watch that movie
Swaggafied Fashion & Upholstery
Swaggafied Fashion & Upholstery 7 days ago
oh ok
oh ok 7 days ago
Chino hills i known for even their wgi group. Which is indoor percussion. Wild
Corey Cunningham
Corey Cunningham 7 days ago
I don’t even watch basketball, I have no clue who these people are, and I still feel awestruck at this.
sejcai 6 days ago
sameee but what even is a running clock
Rico Santana
Rico Santana 7 days ago
They would dominate the drew league
smoke 7 days ago
Well... it almost happened
Jayshawn Thorne
Jayshawn Thorne 7 days ago
"I'm sick to my stomach"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ken Gourdin
Ken Gourdin 7 days ago
It's a good thing they were such outstanding high school players because ... yeah, that was the "high water mark" ... Since then, they've gone on to become average NBA players. ;-D
Voided Space
Voided Space 8 days ago
Bro they must have some Thick plot armor
Earl Lewis
Earl Lewis 8 days ago
Oh bullshit
Wyatt 8 days ago
In AdinRoss stream yesturday Bronny and his teamates at Sierra Canyon said Chino Hills would have "mopped the floor with them."
J C 8 days ago
Lmao a public highschool with a loud balled guy behind the bench
Leon Midgley
Leon Midgley 8 days ago
Grabbed the worlds attention....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 damn but you guys need to figure this out. The USA isn't the world. Who else even plays basket ball?
Tom Brady Deflates
Tom Brady Deflates 8 days ago
ROTY 2021
Bobby Owens
Bobby Owens 8 days ago
i use to see them in Chino hills at the gym....Gelo use to be next door to my niece house he had a white Ferrari....clean
Ukeme Obot
Ukeme Obot 8 days ago
Damn! I lost it lessoning. That 14yr old is a demonic demonstrating. He’s mean and rude boy I like him even more now. Now, I see why the daddy made all those positive comments about his boys. Ferocious!
jim Bartle
jim Bartle 9 days ago
"...has shown glimpses of All-Star potential." Can't add a few more qualifiers there?
Groove Theory
Groove Theory 9 days ago
Best high school in "RECENT" memory ... there was a high school with not one, not two , but FOUR future NBA players and I'm not talking NBA bench scrubs either ... check out Dunbar High School had on one team Reggie (R.I.P.) Lewis who was CAPTAIN of the Boston Celtics, Tyrone "Mugsy" Bogues at 5'3" is still the shortest player to play in the NBA and had a 14 year career, David Wingate who played 15 years in the NBA, and Reggie Williams who played 10 years in the NBA .... and I'm here to tell you , as impressive as Lonzo and Lamelo Ball have been , if Mugsy was defending them, he'd have stripped them BOTH at least 3 or 4 times ... EACH ... PER GAME ... and if you want proof, ask former NBA player and Hall of Fame inductee Magic Johnson .... MUGSY got him too ...
Tuz bill Owe suz
Tuz bill Owe suz 9 days ago
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Angel Morales
Angel Morales 9 days ago
HE PULLED OUT THE “are h sure about that” and now I’m laughing my ass off
Sw3rvy-Lex 9 days ago
i turned 13 aug 20... nd im 5’8.... is that bad?😂
MarloSoBalJr 9 days ago
Chino Hills literally f*cked Mater Dei raw with no Vaseline. I love with them upper class schools get disrespected
Bernie Gerz
Bernie Gerz 9 days ago
If they didn’t want them celebrating mid game they should’ve played better defense. If you want respect u gotta earn it.
Rey1982 9 days ago
Dick Matthews
Dick Matthews 10 days ago
Joe Sewell
Joe Sewell 10 days ago
and now LaMelo is averaging 15 6 and 6 in the NBA
Koeit 10 days ago
Jesus dood really was giving all the facts u should be a lawyer bro
Sheep Shifter HD
Sheep Shifter HD 10 days ago
Nathan Hale is a public school in seattle though meaning they arent the only public school to win a national championship in the last decade
Toki Kashi
Toki Kashi 10 days ago
The generation of miracles vibes
Cory Micel
Cory Micel 11 days ago
Who gives a fuck
Noname Dontcare
Noname Dontcare 11 days ago
Is there a full game video of this match? Some where...
Noname Dontcare
Noname Dontcare 11 days ago
Whats a running clock?
Ippo 9 days ago
clock doesnt stop
Janet Jones
Janet Jones 11 days ago
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Alen Jiji
Alen Jiji 11 days ago
Lmao the generation of miracles irl
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