NBA Players Are Scoring More Points Than Ever and The Reason Why is Right in Front of Our Eyes

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13 days ago

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Marvin Barnett
Marvin Barnett 12 minutes ago
Cause its no defense!!!! Next!
bigcuz9286 52 minutes ago
KG: "Guys from 20 years ago couldnt play in this league." Me: Vince Carter was still in THIS league into his 40s until a year ago yet early 20s HALF MAN HALF AMAZING VINCE COULDNT PLAY NOW?!! GTFOH
Christen Jones
Christen Jones Hour ago
Probably not your thing, but it would be cool to hear you do a similar analysis of changes throughout the NFL.
Aaron Long
Aaron Long Hour ago
The NBA broke defense in 2004. Not accidentally, but *on purpose*. In 2004, after the Detroit Pistons upset the Lakers in a smothering five-game tour-de-force, the league immediately went and enacted the new "freedom of movement" rules designed to limit stoppages, stop fights, and encourage more flashy guard play and less low post play. And the result is obvious to anyone with a brain. The modern NBA is one step removed from HORSE. Defense need not apply. There's no great "Skill evolution", it's just GMs, coaches, and players adapting to the rules of the game. If you can't play defense, then a hard-nosed defender and shot blocker who can't shoot isn't going to win you games. There is no center in the modern game who is more skilled than Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaquille O'Neal, or David Robinson, just to name a few. The current "stretch big" is just a guy who's practiced the things that the modern NBA rules demand, ie: spot up shooting and setting picks.
FreeDawkins Hour ago
You just too good making these videos bro
Fred Durski
Fred Durski Hour ago
You hit the hammer on the nail. Defense as most believe is a reactionary thing. In order to compete with offense you have to change your mindset on what defense is. Defense can also be offense. You must lead the show and turn defense into offense... how? Double team greats, much how harden is doubled in the playoffs. Trap corners, rotate out to open shooter always, and only leave worse shooter on the court open and even then only momentarily always rotate and contest. More charges, less reaching, more shading, and implore the tactics I’ve mentioned. Also always bring in the bench and keep players fresh and always pressure on defense without reaching. The problem is it’s just not being done. Defense is always the best offense no matter what sport.
Jesse G.
Jesse G. Hour ago
The Defenses are so bad because the refs don't let them do anything. I truly believe the refs are killing the sport... That's why I stopped watching to many soft calls
bigcuz9286 2 hours ago
I keep hearing "lack of defensive effort". You know what happens when you get called for barely or literally not even touching a ball handler? You become scared to touch em. This is no different than the NFL. Theyve socially engineered defenders AND fans to be soft by calling every damn thing a foul. So of course defenders are scared to properly guard ball handlers or properly hit quarterbacks because that's how they want it! Rules now say "You cant hit a qb below the knees, you cant even lay a finger on their helmet, you cant lay on them after a sack, you cant touck wrs after 5 yards down field, etc." So the natural result of this is less defensive intensity. In the NBA you cant face guard. Theyll rip thru for 3 FTs. You cant fight over screens because theyll just stop, pull up and have u run into them again for 3 FTs. You cant move your feet and stay in front cause that's "blocking". Blah blah "freedom of movement". You cant contest a jumper properly because if you land under or even in front thats a foul. If u contest but kill your momentum to avoid making contact the shooter will jump into you and get FTs. As viewers we all know these things so of course the players know and are cognizant of this reality. In summation, it's not "lack of effort" its ENGINEERED AND INSTILLED FEAR RELUCTANCE AND HESITATION PERIOD
bigcuz9286 2 hours ago
"When I think Tony Parker I think great player not scorer." You don't really know basketball huh? TP led the league in points in the paint @ least once maybe a couple of times. He was a blur that could get by and to the rim against anyone and he was a knockdown mid range shooter. That's why he didnt waste possessions shooting 3s. Because he could get a lay up, tear drop, pull up or kick out to a better 3 point shooter every time.
bigcuz9286 2 hours ago
20 minute video yet Raja explained it better in his 1 minute clip. You put it in yet glossed over what he was really saying. ITS ALL ABOUT THE RULE CHANGES NOT ALLOWING YOU TO DEFEND ANYMORE! Rule changes over the past 15-25 years have nearly eliminated perimeter defense. Theres no physicality allowed. No handchecking. No landing under or really even in front of shooters. Hell you cant even face guard or fight hard over a pick because ball carriers know they can rip thru your arms or pull up and have the defender run into them. Both for 3 FTs. This in turn gave rise to analytics. It no different than the explosion of passing yards in the NFL being directly attributable to the rule changes protests ring QBs and deemphazing big hits. Smart basketball people looked at how the rules now favored shooting and guard play so they catered their style of ball to efficiently maximize this. And now the league has become a one dimensional homogeneous product and is suffering for it. Nearly everybody plays the same way like robots. 3s and layups no midrange. Pop said "theres no more artistry in the game...its all about 3s". Oscar Robertson said a few years back-"Everybody basically just runs the same play over and over. High pick and roll up top with some screening action to get shooters open underneath" THAT IS THE MODERN NBA(which is why ratings are down the past few years yet you also ignorered this reality in the vid about why ratings are down HA). So OF COURSE players are more skilled in terms of ball handling and shooting because that's what the rules and styles ALL CATER TO! Players of any generation would be better shooters IF their era completely revolved around the 3 like this 1. Players are better at shooting and dribbling now because that's all the game revolves around. They know this so of course they spend all their time working on it. No other time in history did we hear someone saying "I've been practicing my half court shots" like Dame did last year. As for Curry changing the game that's bs too. FACT is the rules had already changed the game. Steph AND Klay were simply the ones to maximize and capitalize off them the best.
Tim Hillis
Tim Hillis 3 hours ago
They allowed a lot more fouls back then too. I think sometimes people just allow the other person to score too easily cuz they’ll get called on petty fouls now a days. I know they’re trying to protect the players but damn they call everything now!
Ervin Jason Liao
Ervin Jason Liao 4 hours ago
Can you adjust MJ's stats to this era and Lebron's to the 90s era? Thanks 😊
kingmiller1982 6 hours ago
The game today sucks
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 9 hours ago
Pace! Done.
MrFuchew 11 hours ago
Amazing that there can be more scoring and be so much more boring at the same time
PrinceRomeo 12 hours ago
Ummm.... that literally blew my mind. Let’s go charts.
steven frederick
steven frederick 14 hours ago
No defense.
Brennan 15 hours ago
So youre saying... Steph ruined the NBA?
STAMEY 23 15 hours ago
imagine prime Jordan or Kobe in todays league
Aaron M
Aaron M 16 hours ago
That ending had me like NBA SCORES LIKE GAMESTOP TO THE MOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!
Stephen Henriquez
Stephen Henriquez 17 hours ago
Analytics has ruined the nba. Guy be on a 3 to 1 fast break and they all run out to the 3 point line because you get 3 points. Smh.
Lord Beerus
Lord Beerus 17 hours ago
05-06 kobe averaging 50 winning MVP, first team all Defense, and Probably a DPOY this season with those numbers. Also he dropping 100 and 70+ in 3 quarters against the mavs
Louis 18 hours ago
Perfect offense beats perfect defense
Kyle2324 18 hours ago
Aye the ringer nba show love it
NiftyLosesGames 18 hours ago
16:31 you gotta remember that their shooting percentages would be a little lower, even if they’re encouraged to practice on their shot more
NiftyLosesGames 18 hours ago
The best and most balanced era of basketball was definitely the 2000s. It had the best defense, just enough offense to be entertaining, textbook basketball, more use of the mid range, very little real superteams (most teams just had star duos), etc. Nowadays players like Melo can’t dominate with their one-dimensional playstyle. Nowadays they can dribble, pass, dunk, AND shoot the ball more efficiently than him.
Nabil Zaman
Nabil Zaman 23 hours ago
I don't understand how the LACK of physicality, or the allowance of it rather is the spark that created most of this. If I cant touch you up, of course you will dribble all over me. Of course you will be swinging the ball around and bigs will be shooting 3's. Also, players get away with so much traveling its become a joke. Talent is talent...prep is prep...but the game is totally different now and its great for the casual fans...but it's pathetic compared to the chess matches from back then.
jsturm5hk8h 23 hours ago
Miracle Ndu
Miracle Ndu 2 hours ago
jsturm5hk8h 23 hours ago
For example: TB... Tom Brady... Tampa Bay Lightning wins Stanley Cup Tampa Rays go to Worlde Series Tampa Bay Bucs Win Superbowl Tampa hosts Superbowl. 2001.... Tom Brady wins first SB. Patriots win.....PATRIOT ACT. GW Bush flips the coin 2004....Tom Brady 2008.....Tom Brady 2012.....Tom Brady 2016....Tom Brady 2020....Tom Brady See a Pattern? Election Years..... The odds of ALL this happening. Over 1 in a TRILLION.
Mario Yu
Mario Yu Day ago
The obeisant black hooghly pedal because sponge peripherally divide inside a diligent meteorology. ethereal, macho broccoli
Frane Prpic
Frane Prpic Day ago
Did he diss my boy bojan bogdanović
Emeka American
Emeka American Day ago
Also since there are so many 3s being shot that's why triple doubles are so easy to get especially for guards.
Emeka American
Emeka American Day ago
James Harden be traveling more than southwest airlines lol
Emeka American
Emeka American Day ago
No defense
Michael Lee
Michael Lee Day ago
Cuz ‘rona
Siow Yee Yang
Siow Yee Yang Day ago
Will Wilt still average 50 a game?
Nik Vret
Nik Vret Day ago
A nice show brings the people to the stadium, a good defence just destroy the show.
Hyllander 420
Hyllander 420 Day ago
What would mike average?
Rylan McHugh
Rylan McHugh Day ago
The refs do call you now tho for shouting AND -1, so it's understandable why defense is lacking..
Nile Gossett
Nile Gossett Day ago
The NBA wanted to be an extention of the European leagues. They succeeded.
Ryan Nichols
Ryan Nichols Day ago
This is really good. But I believe it is impossible to state all of this without mentioning the impact and legacy of Kobe Bryant, who mentored a whole generation of today's elite offensive talent, and pushed the game forward with his unopologetic offensive excellence.
Jonathan Sykes
Jonathan Sykes Day ago
Gilbert Arenas is better than Bradley Beal. By a lot.
jimmysp4des Day ago
To bad with each generation we get dumber, our attention spans get shorter. Thats why people hate defense, it takes to much thought, push that instant gratification button generation needs lots of baskets to keep these goldfish looking at the screen. Watch man shoot lot basket, make face smile, hot pocket good. No think .
jimmysp4des Day ago
Nba is weak, has been for about 13 years, and the answer to this is simple. You cant play defense, its not that offensive is so great, defense is just hamstringed like a mfer. Stop making excuses, once again, its not amazing offense, just not being able to play defense for the people in the back.
Daniel Z
Daniel Z Day ago
Impressively good video
Negmi Day ago
Hey Jxmy can you make a follow up vid about what would MJ look like in todays league?
f wam
f wam Day ago
no d
Nivla Gatdula
Nivla Gatdula Day ago
Its obvious. Because of the game rule. Todays era is for soft NBA, you can shoot easily. Defender cant do much. For those who gonna object, go watch 80' or 90' game and see for your self the difference
Saitama Kun
Saitama Kun Day ago
Fredette be like: .......
Anon Day ago
the gain is way too low on this one
xXJackirBlackBloddXx Day ago
Only jokic can play like he does u show him at the worst times as he isnt a god
Dingus McDingle
Dingus McDingle Day ago
I'm pretty sure he was just confused by the fact that he wasn't called for travelling. (His brain just couldn't keep up with the rest of what was going on...)
xXJackirBlackBloddXx Day ago
"Getting sent to the g league" *shows the mvp leader*
Earl Hill
Earl Hill Day ago
Good video and equally good points but it's easier than that. A) Defenders can't touch players like they use too. Hand check gone. Body gone. Watch the last dance doc of Jordan and see what defenders could do back in the day. Only a had full of guys could iso 1on1 when you could play d like that. Now, Curry can shoot a 3 and jump into a guy 2 feet from him with his hands straight up and it's a foul. Huge advantage for offensive players. B) players get away with traveling, carrying the ball more than ever. Hard to defend as it is with this level of athletes, but if they can pick up their dribble at the ft line and take 4 steps you have no chance. High scoring games are more exciting and interesting. Watching 3 guys go for 30 a night puts butts in the seats. It's designed this way. It was a decision made at the top to create more offensive points to hopefully sell more tickets and get more eyes. You saw the same thing in the NFL with defense changes in the way the defense can play. More points is the result.
majus mango
majus mango Day ago
Call me biased, but I think the guy who would benefit most from today's playstyle has to be Dirk Nowitzki.
Yo Day ago
16:19 to me Arenas is better than Beal
Yo Day ago
I think TP would thrive in this era. Thank you for taking him as an example
Dan Hamar
Dan Hamar Day ago
I miss TRUE defense. That simple.
Rugby Vault
Rugby Vault Day ago
You know things are out of hand when a flat earth conspiracy theorist is averaging 25+ points a game
Kyle Beats
Kyle Beats Day ago
This video is awesome
donjohnswaggert 2 days ago
How dare you come with that argument yes the players are more skilled but understand the thing that you never experienced because you're too young is that if you can put your forearm on a player or you can put your hand on the player out there on the logo, or or out there on the perimeter then add real tenacity and grown man pride and not wanting to let the opposing player score on you. The game would be totally different there would far less number of players scoring the way that you're talking about here I'm disgusted when I watch any part of the game and I see a guy just get to the middle of the paint for a layup without any pressure he never gets touched physically nothing man you have to know that the truth and as a matter of fact why don't you go check out that book by I can't remember the guy's name who actually came up with this idea of putting shackles on the defense they actually talk about this the commissioner and two other gentlemen are the ones who came up with this new scheme of the game for their specified reason is not a conspiracy it's just they change the game and out of their own mouth in that book is mentioned that they knew that the game the NBA game of basketball was changed forever this is why I keep saying the new players yes they appear to be far more skilled because they've been working out and training using Colby's and Jordans and all other elite players movements but in reality. It's not like the average points per game is $145 is not like basketball is even really that enjoyable to watch even though they are still many many fine plays offensively and defensively to be showcased in the NBA I mean it's still basketball don't get me wrong but it's not the same intensity level if anything now and that's where the defense is actually at his weakest that's why guys like LeBron can be in the league you know at this age and still be performing because there's not real defense in there go watch NBA finals from 9th in the 90s go watch playoffs in the 90s and see what was going on and I dare you to watch it in the '80s and go see what was going on these dudes will get in there and get mixed up by real men who like man f*** that you're not about to just come in here and score that's why you had to be a top level elite to get it done. So these guys are very very good no doubt but if you put the lockdown clamp on them and you can get out there on the perimeter and hand check it will have a drastic effect. No disrespect meant here but come on man
donjohnswaggert 2 days ago
Hold up bro I didn't finish listening to raja Bell but I will yet I have to say that theLeague itself designed the debilitation of the defense in order to create more spectacular games. Point blank number one therefore this is why all the old heads say that newer guys wouldn't be performing the same in the old NBA because they simply wouldn't all you have to do is go back and watch any games from the 1980s and '90s and you'll understand you can just watch 1997 All-Star game and compared to the All-Star games of these days and you will understand perfectly what I mean. Not only that the defense is not that it hasn't caught up it's that the defense has degraded and guys do not play 100% defense 100% of the time that they're on the defensive end also the reason why many players retired in their early thirties was because they could no longer play defense and defense was demanded and expected any player can go and be a jump shot shooter for 30 years in the league I really believe that now but you can't play defense so you'll be a liability! Next if you watch how the three-point shot is defended guys all go for putting the hand in the face instead of actually attempting to block the jump shot if you do not attempt to block the jump shot putting the hand in the face has no meaning because the shooters are so well practiced now that putting a hand in the face does not matter they do not care! And psychologically if you know that the guy will never really try to block your shot he will only give a half-hearted attempt by getting his hand in your face,(and yes I take into account the disparity in the rules for offense and defense) then it is easy to understand how many players shoot and make seemingly incredible shots over the defense. It's not being an old head or a hater to State the reality is being a lover of the game in the purity of the game is that the defense can initiate some contacts with the offense the same way the offense initiates almost all the contact these days if you cannot defend at the perimeter then any old guy any body with any basic training and the right height can go right past his defender into the lane! Young Jimmy I want you to understand that back in the day it was not that guys could not shoot the three pointer and it was not that the three pointer was not important it was that the guys who were the best at shooting the three pointer for the most part not exclusively were the guys who were unable to get into the interior of the defense. those old sayings like White boys can't jump etc while humorous we're referring in a way to this very thing whereas the best players were the guys I could get into the teeth of the defense and create and make it happen getting there and dunk layups etc because it was difficult while remaining on the perimeter and catching and shooting was very simple and easy as it still is today except that you could play defense on the perimeter so you didn't get the same volume of three-point shot attempts you just weren't going to be able to get it the defense could actually lock you up on the perimeter by initiating contact through the hand check or the forearm check! That's what everyone who's a sucker in the game is not expressing is the truth of the matter that once you remove the handle of the defense it lets guys dribble now you can be out there shaking and bacon and a guy does not get touched and now over the course of the last 10 years the ability to play real defense is gone for the most part and the players really don't understand the defense it's like playing call of duty war zone and not understanding rotation it makes a difference if you don't understand rotation and the flow and you don't understand and cannot predict player body movement by the moves and positioning of the body then you can't play defense I watch games and I'll be thinking like man how come he didn't slap that s*** out why is this guy get in this shot so easy because you can't play defense. Point blank That's the real deal that's it
Wuzi Mu
Wuzi Mu 2 days ago
it absolutely was not steph curry. it was nash and dantoni's suns and daryl morey's sloan conference. for the viewer maybe seeing gsw win was a changing point in their mind. but steph curry and the warriors were already a product of the movement. this is a buildup of over 10 years. what makes this moment so special besides morey ball is that generations are transitioning. this is a talent high point, they come around every decade or so where the greats over the past 10 are still playing at a high level and the guys who are going to be great for the next 10 are coming in and building themselves up.
absolute dre
absolute dre 2 days ago
There is zero effort on defense now. I don't care what you say about it. Reasons for that are kinda understandable seeing that it 8s basically illegal to play defense in sports. I look at highlights now and see someone "challenging" a shot with zero effort. This includes superstar players like Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Dame Lilliard. None of these guys put in effort, but I guess they don't have too 🤷
Never Fail
Never Fail 2 days ago
Nobody thinks the players have just gotten better at scoring? Nobody questions that in other sports. Every time a record is broken, it's evidence of the evolution of the game. Bron is more efficient than MJ, Embiid's more efficient than Hakeem and Shaq.
Never Fail
Never Fail 15 hours ago
@Tyson Fury If you want to say that recent analytics made people shoot better, that's fine. Does it change the fact that players are shooting better?
Never Fail
Never Fail 15 hours ago
@Diego Velazquez You just compared 5 other decades worth of players to just this decade. Do you see my point yet. If you don't, let's look at league averages. The league never hit league average TS% of 40 till 1949-50, 45 until 1954-55, 50 until 1969-70, 55 until 2016-17, and has been over 56 for 2 seasons, which is also a new high. Similar things can be said about eFG%, if you want to go that route. The fact that players are making more shots than in the 40s isn't something you can really argue. Once again, what's your argument?
Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury 18 hours ago
@Never Fail With that being said , most of what you’re seeing in recent years is the results of the analytics revolution. Players today take 34 3’s a game compared to 18 3’s a game in 2010. A lot of those players from 2010 are still in the league. Lebron,Cp3, KD, Deandre Jordan, Al Horford, curry, Blake Griffin, Brook Lopez, etc. Believe it or not, Brook Lopez was taking 0-0.2 3’s a game his first 7 seasons at under 20%. Now he’s taking 4 3’s a game at 34%. What about Al horford?0-0.5 attempts a game his first 8 seasons. Now he takes 5 3’s a game at 35%. Lopez and horford always had skill and could shoot. It’s just that analytics told them to cut down on those long 16-22 foot jumpshots in place of open stand still 3 pointers which are generally more efficient. This has created a domino affect where the average role player today is now likely to a be a knockdown shooter who can space the floor as opposed to a bruising big or defense role player of the 90’s or 2000’s. More spacing =more people standing on the 3 point = more defensive players standing on the 3 = less resistance at the rim = more efficient shots and more freedom of movement for everyone. It’s not really the case that players of today are so advanced than players of the past or that players of the past are so much more physical a Tough than players today. It’s that analytics changed shot selection and style of play which has led to more efficient shots.
Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury 18 hours ago
@Never Fail 20-21 is a BOOM season without crowd intensity and stakes similar to how from 94-97 the 3 point line was shortened so numbers from this season have to be taken with a grain salt.
Diego Velazquez
Diego Velazquez 19 hours ago
@Never Fail Cedric Maxwell, Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley, Kevin Mchale, Magic Johnson, Artis Gilmore, Brent Barry, John Stockton ,mario Ellie , Bobby Jones, Steve Johnson, Dawkins , Dantley, Twardzik, James Donaldson. That’s 15 of the top 30 ts% leaders who retired decades ago....... Shaq is an OUTLIER. His 52% poor free throw shooting actually brings down his true shooting% with volume but his effective field remains the same. No volume scorer playing right now is as bad as him at the free throw line. The horrible free throw shooters like Deandre Jordan get to the line once or twice a game. Lebron is an OUTLIER . He doesn’t age like most players first of all and at 6’9 260, most of his points come from him barreling to the rim getting layups and dunks within 6 feet. He does not rely on jumpshots or even free throws with the same frequency as Kawhi, Jordan, KD, Wade, Harden, curry, etc do. Embid for example, would be greatly diminished with age since he would get to the free throw line a lot less and his 80% free throw shooting greatly enhances his below 50% FG. Melo has had a 50.3, 51.3, 52.5, and a 53.2 TS% in his last 4 seasons. All below his career average on low volume. Those are some of his worst marks of his career unless you’re counting his rookie season ( rookie seasons are usually some of the least efficient seasons in most stats career) and this hit being the third option attracting less defensive attention and double Teams than he did in his prime.
Alex Arias
Alex Arias 2 days ago
You could also say that rookies entering the NBA nowadays grew up with a offensive mentality and practiced these insane moves nba players do today more than a NBA player in 90s who probably grew up learning how to pass, shoot and rebound, basically fundamental basics and mastering them. I feel that no average player back then would be averaging anymore than what they did in their era in the new era due to the lack of experience and training they received. Learning how to shoot the 3 isn’t as simple as it seems, it takes years of shooting and experience to master it
Mark Scar
Mark Scar 2 days ago
Almost every player right now can definitely score in every corner and can do any kind of shot, especially in the 3 point area where even a rookie player is unbelievable. That is because of the revolutionary style of basketball made by the golden state warriors, when the offense becomes a tool to crush every defense and when a defense becomes a force to weaken the offense.
Ronald_R_Lyon 2 days ago
These stats conversions and things might have merit if the modern game style is played in there era not them coming to today The modern players diet and rehab athletic conditioning means the old era players would fatigue much faster (MJ smoked cigars)there slower and not as agile and now there taking more shots there percentages would get worse the more games they play the gap widens through a season. Also the depth of talent across the league and number of teams is very important When Boston won all the titles there were only 8 teams and back then i imagine that being a tall white guy got a lot guys a spot in the team when real Ballers like Russell and Wilt show how to play the game the depth can improve as talent is how you get games
Lebrin Jims
Lebrin Jims 2 days ago
Hoot your hot
Ronald Smith
Ronald Smith 2 days ago
Offense >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Defense
addali med
addali med 2 days ago
Dino Carpetner
Dino Carpetner 2 days ago
U should respect more the name Bojan Bogdanovic. He Is great shooter
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega 2 days ago
My great great grandmother can score in today's NBA and she's been dead for quite awhile now. 😶
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 2 days ago
"I'd thrive in the NBA today" Said every NBA player ever.....
死の森 2 days ago
When you shoot a three on a fastbreak or when you shoot from anywhere a foot beyond the three point line, it used to be an automatic benching for you. Nowadays, that's the norm. Not because players are dumb, it's because players shoot that well. Some people say, "Oh he averaged 30 points a game 20 years ago, if I adjust that to today's pace and defense, that should be 50 points a game today". I actually disagree with that. You'll see more of scorers like Harden or Westbrook where they'll average 30 points and 10 assists a game simply because it gives you more opportunities to have open teammates when teams start focusing on you. Except Kobe. No way Kobe would pass up that much and settle for 30 points lol
砖递鷵橡孂㨩錘墭 2 days ago
Imagine what players like Michael Jordan Kobe all of those great 2000s and 90s players would average today
Meatbyproducts 2 days ago
No defense
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 2 days ago
The NBA was better before steph came along, there I said it 🤷‍♂️
G MB 2 days ago
lamar odum WHO WAS ON CRACK 👴🏽
BrendanPanFlautist 2 days ago
Based on this video, the Nets are a lot scarier than what people give them credit for. Defense is lacking, sure, but that fire power is unmatched.
[] 2 days ago
Prime MJ averages 45 ppg in today's league. While being all NBA defense.
T K 2 days ago
And yet, teams who try to copy the Warriors keep getting their asses BEAT come playoff time. The Warriors are the exception that proves the rule. They win by shooting threes *because* they're the Warriors. When you get to the playoffs, you NEED the midrange. You NEED a big man. That's why Miami was able to absolutely *stomp* the Bucks last year. They shut off the paint and ran 3-point shooters off their spot, and the Bucks couldn't adjust. It's why the Rockets keep getting beat as well. They lost in 2018 *precisely* because they didn't stop shooting 3s. Remember when they missed 27 in a row? This "only shoot 3s" and "take the most efficient shot" game is doomed to fail every single time in the playoffs because the other team *knows* its coming. They can gameplan for you. They can wall off the paint and they can run you off the 3. Where does that put you each time? In the midrange. When LeBron wins his 5th ring this year, or KD his 3rd, it will be because of this. Just watch.
myles putty
myles putty 2 days ago
Defense didn't get worse refs changed the way the game is played. Nowadays if u even LOOK at a player the wrong way they shootin free-throws. That makes playing tight D impossible. The league wants it that way bc it means more scoring and ISO ball plays 4 superstars cuz thats what fans want. Fans and views pay the bills basketball is a BUSINESS
Arjhan Tamboli
Arjhan Tamboli 2 days ago
i miss old basketball yet i never even got to witness it. i just hate how theres 15 stars in the league, all doing the same thing which is shooting, and all teams scoring 135 a night. take me back to the jordan days pls hahaha
Eric Hollaway
Eric Hollaway 2 days ago
So AI would’ve dropped 60?
Sean Fisher
Sean Fisher 2 days ago
Imagine Gilbert A Or Muhammed Abdul Rauf In The League Rn
djekna 2 days ago
What hasn’t been taked about is the amount of travelling and double-dribble violations that are allowed in today’s game. It’s a lot easier nowadays to create space when referee isn’t calling steps and carry-balls. This gives the offense a chance for an easier shot by disadvantaging the defense. Fouling is, of course, also another big disadvantage for today’s defense.
1124 2 days ago
Raja is actually also saying that being unable to be physical on defense is a reason why NBA is scoring more. "If the rules are what they are, you're not gonna be able to really get up and touch a guy. We used to be able to...I'm not complaining about it but it gave you an opportunity to kinda be physical with a guy at times. That's stripped away too. So offense is going to be almost impossible to guard if it's going to be just the best players on the ball in space." - what Raja said. So he is literally stressing the reason you had just dismissed. Soft defense. And I echo what you said: Raja is right.
Ali M
Ali M 2 days ago
This guys the best basketball lawyer of all time.... every argument he comes up with I end up agreeing with
Michael Manning
Michael Manning 2 days ago
I think Rodman was right Jordan would average 45 to 50 in today's League
Jesse Clifton
Jesse Clifton 2 days ago
Oh & I also disagree with the last statement you make, yes older players would score more but the rest of the older players would not be nearly as effective because they lack the skill of the modern era.
Jesse Clifton
Jesse Clifton 2 days ago
I can’t lie, I think Lebron James changed the league more than Curry. He’s the reason big men became position less
Coincollector82 2 days ago
The NBA was better before steph came along, there I said it 🤷‍♂️
Richard Shuang Feng Guo
Richard Shuang Feng Guo 2 days ago
Imagine prime Nash play today's NBA
Driver Jay
Driver Jay 2 days ago
Quality analysis, can't get this anymore in mainstream media, to busy pushing narritives and talent promoting.
Adamowsky 2 days ago
Defense in NBA? Nah thanks lemme just shoot 3s every possesion cuz it's so fun to watch
Crimson Bot
Crimson Bot 2 days ago
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Mario Yu
Mario Yu 2 days ago
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Jacob Manak
Jacob Manak 2 days ago
I think defense just got worse
Eldar Arnautović
Eldar Arnautović 2 days ago
The biggest problem are referees. In every game you see at least 4-5 stupid fouls that doesn't make sense.
Crimson Bot
Crimson Bot 3 days ago
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sleze 3 days ago
Did not watch the video. Was it the lack of hand checks?
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