This Changes Nothing

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4 months ago

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ilike oneclicks
ilike oneclicks Day ago
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Jax Day ago
Lebron can win 8 championships and In my mind Jordans still better. No one will ever surpass Jordan no matter what they do.
MarkOchoa 2 days ago
Saw him lose 6x and not be competitive, JORDAN GOAT
NathanPeterGoat 2 days ago
This vid means nothing after his new one
Jake Jackson
Jake Jackson 2 days ago
@JxmyHighroller awesome content!! Love your channel. Small comment- 4:05 a higher defensive rating is actually worse. DRTG is a measure of how many points the other team scores when that player is on the floor, so a numerically low DRTG is good (indicating less points allowed) whereas a higher defensive rating means their team allowed more points to be score against them when they're on the floor.
Donald Trumpp
Donald Trumpp 3 days ago
I like that you don't talk with a fake accent like some other basketball USpostsrs
Andrew Quach
Andrew Quach 4 days ago
Hahaha complaining while doing a layup 🤣
Nuno Silva
Nuno Silva 4 days ago
6:00 Cause on the all time scale none of them are great teams and all of them would be killed by Michael Jordan's finals opponents.
TwerkToSpec 5 days ago
Everyone here is too pussy to bring up his China comments
timmy 2lwksc2rbarrios
timmy 2lwksc2rbarrios 6 days ago
Lebron is the G.R.O.A.T... the greatest recruiter of all time
traevin young
traevin young 6 days ago
I'm not going lie this dude sounds like a big Steph Curry fan they tryin to say LeBron's rings don't count stop it😂😂😂😅
BRN4EVR 3 days ago
But he’s a LeBron fan
Efren Sanchez
Efren Sanchez 6 days ago
Imagine having all the talent in the world and a body better then anyone in the league and ever since highschool you have been protected by nike and the nba referees you can't even breathe on him or he flops . His constantly wanting everyone's approval michael jordan didn't ask for it he earned it. Samething he should do just shut up and play
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 7 days ago
I just don't understand how someone can hold going to the finals against someone. So if you get bounced in the first round it doesn't count no harm. But if you make it to the finals and lose we start counting it against you. Lebron has been in the league 17 seasons and been to the finals 10 times. And most other seasons he was a playoff contender. That feat is incredible.
Aidan Gold
Aidan Gold 7 days ago
i came back to this video to say jimmy, please learn how DRtg works
Benny C
Benny C 7 days ago
Thanks for pointing out the hypocrisy of people's comment about this playoff series. People do whatever they can to diminish the championship(s) that LeBron get and it's literally ridiculous. Micheal Jordan is 6-6 but no one ever points out that he was favored in all 6 or, if they do, they say Jordan was just so dominant that he made his team the favored one. But when Jordan retired for two years, that same Bulls team that was apparently only good because Jordan was on it managed to be the second and third seed in the tough Eastern conference in the following years. Apparently, all of the other teams just decided to suck or they gave the Bulls free wins.
martim costa
martim costa 7 days ago
jordan the goat tho
Nahome Bruk
Nahome Bruk 7 days ago
i personally think mj is the greatest of all time because of the impact he had on the game, we won't ever see that impact again
The donn
The donn 8 days ago
Mickey mouse ring😂
BRN4EVR 3 days ago
Pls tell me you’re joking
DrFlexenstein 9 days ago
I’ll always defend LeBron because anyone’s only argument against seems to be “He’S nOt MiChAeL jOrDaN!” He’s not, and that’s fine.
ssandroAle gesBor
ssandroAle gesBor 9 days ago
"3-6 is just a number" That's gotta be one of the most retarded shit I heard in a long time
Ja The Kidd
Ja The Kidd 9 days ago
Dont you want to have the lower defensive rating when comparing that stat?
Swaggy C
Swaggy C 10 days ago
Lebron James has better odds at making the finals than Wardell Stephen Curry making a three pointer... That says a lot
Michael Foster
Michael Foster 10 days ago
He's the second greatest of all-time. Why is that a problem?...
Palm Trees
Palm Trees 11 days ago
Finals mvp isn’t always indicative of who the best player in the series was Ex: in 2015 Curry & James were the best players in the series either one probably should’ve won finals mvp but didnt Horry is one of the best PFs ever in my eyes, he did it at an elite level on both ends, was one of the best 3 & d players ever in Houston
Abdul 11 days ago
This vid is perfect people say this was an easy run when they said he couldn’t do it in the west and he couldn’t win it all in the west now look. But then again it’s American kids.
B2 _VIDS 11 days ago
A ring is a ring
heylo lp
heylo lp 11 days ago
how is making the finals and loosing worse than failing to make the finals?
Alvaro Alberto
Alvaro Alberto 11 days ago
Bout time some mentioned the whole player walking out after they lose a playoff series it wasn’t just Isaiah ! For the love of God that crap is so annoying. Also if I won the series the fuck does anybody care if the other team leaves.
Themba Kganyago
Themba Kganyago 11 days ago
jam man
jam man 12 days ago
Bron haters oh ye I’m love this shit Jxmy not today bitch
Micah Vossler
Micah Vossler 12 days ago
“Don’t have a superstar” people could argue that jimmy is one but I’m still in the middle of that but ya
Fernando 13 days ago
All those teams you mentioned where not great finals teams.
Fernando 13 days ago
4 of this championships where when the Lakers where in Minneapolis! So Boston still has 4 more as a city and original franchise.
Andor Wid
Andor Wid 15 days ago
I mean, pretty much everybody already has him either at no. 1 or no. 2 on their all time list. I have him on no 2. but I really don't see how his legacy could ever be greater than it is right now
Jon Nichols
Jon Nichols 15 days ago
Skip bayless needs to watch some jxmy vids
Aiden Loss
Aiden Loss 17 days ago
Oops accidentally won the nba finals
__Zepherr__ 18 days ago
how was this not an offensive foul 3:22
Brandon Kim
Brandon Kim 19 days ago
6:53 hey u think warriors would try injuried? Also this team isn't as great as other teams in the finals and teams u mentioned may be worse BUT that isn't that many teams and Lebron isn't the goat unless he repeats
Brandon Kim
Brandon Kim 19 days ago
This run was almost or actually idk but might even be easier than all 3 championships of the warriors
Jalen Strickland
Jalen Strickland 19 days ago
yeah... no
Gleyzen 19 days ago
He may not rap, but he still spittin facts
Will Belokur
Will Belokur 19 days ago
Yeah but Jordan’s still better
The Dude Unchained
The Dude Unchained 19 days ago
Miami lost Adebayo and Dragic right before the finals THAT is the reason why everybody is saying it was an easy series for the Lakers ! Come on...let's be fair... Also it is irritating that you display LBJs carrer finals stats without saying that these are the TOTALS. It is a testament to the work he puts into his body and I applaud him for that. Still if you look at the AVERAGES, he is not on top. It kinda pains me to always comment like this. These constant, unjustified as of today, claims that LBJ surpassed MJ will always end like this. Let LBJ finish his career and then compare their titles and AVERAGES. Imagine what MJs averages would look like if he hadn't returned at age 40 ? Two seasons of 10 points below his former average and he still has an average of over 30 points per game. We know that MJ's career is over. Compare LBJ to his peers and pick up the GOAT debate when he is DONE.
Jacklikestrees 20 days ago
Btw there is another team that came back from a 3-1 lead, the nuggets against the clippers.
Krispies__ 21 day ago
I do think LeBron has lowered the amount of times he complains to the refs so far this season but he still has some space for improvement in that category.
Joe Nuts
Joe Nuts 23 days ago
He could have won MVP
Michael Love
Michael Love 24 days ago
Bro they work they ass of and y’all so no it’s still the same like no ring is a ring u think Jordan would care about that shi hell nah
Michaelle Grayson
Michaelle Grayson 27 days ago
more like JxmyHighroller the greatest ever to do it
say my name
say my name 27 days ago
I was hoping for a lakers vs celtics finals just like kobe back then so its a battle if two of the most successful franchises (in my opinion). But instead we got the heat, cant say im disappointed but i would rather have the celtics face off the lakers
Michael Mandaa
Michael Mandaa 27 days ago
1:57that a bit gay
LeBron James
LeBron James 28 days ago
LeBron is the goat of both basketball and yelling at the refs
Da Hooper
Da Hooper 27 days ago
Gazi Onur BÜYÜKTİRYAKİ 29 days ago
bro ypu are fucking say lebron compilanes to ref so it doesnt effect anything and then said larry is competitive because he left the court
alex bourlis
alex bourlis 29 days ago
to be honest there is too much numbers. I feel basketball loses its meaning if you focus to much on them.
jallo ham
jallo ham Month ago
lebron is a goat but just a different type of goat cuz he isn't in the category of jordan and kobe cuz they were scorers instead he's in a category of magic johnson
Shafer 44
Shafer 44 Month ago
Toby Flenderson
Toby Flenderson Month ago
Heat doesn’t have a superstar did you go brain dead for a second they have jimmy butler
kieran clarke
kieran clarke Month ago
You can blame Henry clowniera and the piony nba fans for these inaccurate narratives
nizcomix Month ago
2:23 where's hakeem -_-
Weixiao Month ago
if lebron get a three peat with the lakers, becoming 6-6, the goat debate will be officially over
John Alexander Lagman
John Alexander Lagman Month ago
1:49 you forgot something 1st in Most Games Played 1st in Most Minutes Played 1st in Most Defeat in Finals 5:00 NBA is under the money and influence of LBJ. cries on every call he also gets what he wants on every trades.
thelostone Month ago
but never forget the Mavs game and Jason Terry.
Maaz Qureshi
Maaz Qureshi Month ago
Heat were a great team just unfortunate that Bam and Dragic were both injured. This doesn't take away from what the Lakers deserved or won, but rather it would have been fun to see if they could have taken it to a game 7 if they had those two players. I mean they did go to a game 6 without them.
Matthew Comino
Matthew Comino Month ago
Lebron shoots 3's way better and that's all that matters nowadays on offence argument over.
Jarod Haws
Jarod Haws Month ago
Blazers 8 seed Who tf thought small ball was gonna beat the lakers harden and dantoni slways choke in the playoffs Nuggets have barely any experience imagine if the clippers didnt choke
Jake Velasco
Jake Velasco Month ago
1:18 wait.. Lakers didn't won in 1991.
kevin vest
kevin vest Month ago
That crybaby will never be the goat!!
Prime Month ago
Finals record will forever be the worst argument in sports to me. If you value getting bounced in the 2nd round more than advancing, then so be it. That’s not how i value who i think are great players.
Michael Boris Pepito
Michael Boris Pepito Month ago
Everytime Lebron wins a ring its him who's being carried.
MickeyG 2002
MickeyG 2002 Month ago
Bro, he has as many Finals mvps as championship rings 😂
Renjolo Bagunu
Renjolo Bagunu Month ago
Hristijan Dimitrovski
Hristijan Dimitrovski Month ago
Bro, you should remember that Miami weren't so great in finals like they were in whole play off. Dragic was injured and Adebayo played 2 games and after injury didn't played on the level he should, so you can't just say Miami beat Milwakee and Lakers did impressive thing because they beat them. You also have to talk about the way they became champions, yeah, there were the best in 2020 definitely, but if Goran Dragic and Adebayo played, Lakers wouldn't win the championship soo easy.
legendary collection
legendary collection Month ago
If you see video already uploaded few month ago, and the comment session is talking who better on MJ or LBJ i just take some cold drink with homade popcorn to see how dump they are fighting each other, its just to funny for me haha. Other side relaized that goat is more to fans opinion, so even we know the fact who is the goat someone will always have dissagree. Dont ask me who i am pick for goat.
Brazzy Month ago
I just don't understand how the fact that LeBron carried 6 bad teams to the finals only to lose? And the fact that he was to the finals more times than mj but won less is bad? Wtf is wrong with ppl
Down To Earth Productions
Down To Earth Productions 23 days ago
LeBron had a easy ride to the Finals cause the East was trash. Teams under 500 were making the playoffs in the East. Not to mention Heat and Cavs had three Superstars on their team and the other teams in the East had one(except Celtics but were out their primes).
Nae Nae Gorowara
Nae Nae Gorowara Month ago
Well this changes that bronny doesn’t have to get hit with a belt earlier
Nate Bopp
Nate Bopp Month ago
The Celtics are goated this year ngl
Ferdinand Alvin Fabra
Ferdinand Alvin Fabra Month ago
I can confirm jimmy highroller is a lebron hater haha
Kasper Knutsen
Kasper Knutsen Month ago
Right, this doesn’t change anything, MJ still the 🐐
Varelity Month ago
LeBrons so bad coz he didn't carry against one of the best teams we've seen in years 🙄🙄🙄
Cameron Haynes
Cameron Haynes Month ago
Without LeBron the Lakers dont win a championship or maybe dont even make it to the finals so yea this ring definitely counts
Bestever2408 Month ago
Hey Shaq is definitely 4-2 in the finals not 4-1
daniel button
daniel button Month ago
It seems like, when LeBron wins a championship, all the other superstars get together and form a super team to take him down. Imagine when MJ the Lakers back in 91' then that off-season they acquired Drexler, Barkley to go along with Worthy and Magic? Now, don't take this the wrong way, MJ is by far the GOAT but it's difficult to win multiple championships in this era because so many super teams form every year and it takes away from the competition. I personally hate super teams, I prefer watching 2 superstars (max) and a bunch of quality role players.
zzz Month ago
So you mean losing in the finals is worse than 1st round loss?
Freezey Month ago
The camera man
The camera man Month ago
14 final appearances is all you had to say lol
Kaushihan Ahilan
Kaushihan Ahilan Month ago
Hey Jimmy I know this is an old video so idk if you'll see this, but a lower number in defensive rating is better, its points allowed per 100 possesions so ad was better in defense for the finals at the thime you made this
Anton De la Cruz
Anton De la Cruz Month ago
Creepy ass thumbnail...
Infinite_ echos
Infinite_ echos Month ago
People in 2030 Oh no there back
Riley Adams
Riley Adams Month ago
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JayX Month ago
I'm a Bron fan and I love the unbias
Lukinho Month ago
I just cant understand how people even use the fact that LeBron lost in 6 finals against him. MJ didnt even get to as many finals as LeBron. He has already been to 4 more and he will be in another this season. But do some of the people really think that its bigger achievement not to reach the finals than do and lost in them? Thats ridiculous...
Ori Ben-Ami
Ori Ben-Ami Month ago
Just to note, a higher DRTG means a worse DRTG. This is a stat showing what amount of points the team got scored on in 100 possessions
Braeden Fitzsimmons
Braeden Fitzsimmons Month ago
I think Lebron talking and always complaining to the refs is not nearly as bad as Jordan was as a person, mostly to his teammates
mekebro27 Month ago
He is an all time great top 3 for sure. That meltdown too Dallas is a big mark on his record.
Z Z Month ago
He’s number 2 right now, soon gonna be number 1
sholove Sholove
sholove Sholove Month ago
Imagine dominating something so much that, every team you beat, people saying that they looked weak! 😂😂😂 He's the GOAT!
Samet Facja
Samet Facja Month ago
losing in the finals>losing in the first round multiple times
John Doe
John Doe Month ago
@Rob James all I hear is excuses if your the goat supposedly your held to a higher standard and should win by your logic lebrons 4-6 record shouldn’t be held against him he’s been favored in only 3 out of ten times Jordan was favored in all his finals because he was going up against old men out there prime but whatever u say bro lmao
Rob James
Rob James Month ago
@John Doe You clearly don't have any real understanding of that Celtics team. There were FIVE Hall Of Famers on it, they went 40-1 at home that season, were the #3 offense and the #1 defense in the league. They weren't going to lose the Championship that year, and definitely weren't going to lose a game to the team ranked 8th on offense and the WORST on defense. Aside from MJ, the Bulls were atrocious. The dude had to basically play 1-on-5 against 5 HOFs in his 2nd year in the league, and STILL almost WON a game. Also, Jordan had only played 14 regular-season games before the playoffs after recovering from a broken foot, then averaged 43.7 points, 5.7 assists, and 6.3 rebounds in that 3-game series against the Celtics. His record for points in a playoff game STILL stands to this day. I'm not sure what your point is, but whatever it is, it's a stupid one.
John Doe
John Doe Month ago
@Rob James Jordan supposedly had one of the best seasons averaging 37, 5, and 4 and still got swept by the Celtics.... SWEPT 🧹
John Doe
John Doe Month ago
@Rob James bro lmaooo get Jordan it’s out yo mouth u literally typed all that 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣🤣🤣
Rob James
Rob James Month ago
@John Doe Sure - and it's Bron's fault he can't get the chips like MJ then. You didn't even read my response, did you? LOL. When MJ was put at the point guard position, he was putting up numbers Lebron couldn't touch on points AND assists. That wasn't what was best for the TEAM though, and for winning championships. If you have high assist numbers, it just means there are other people on your team who can score and you can get them the ball. It's a TWO-PART equation. If no one else on your team is any good at scoring the ball, then your assist number won't be high no matter HOW good of a passer you are. People talk about assists like they win games. They don't. POINTS do. Everything else is a sideshow. You're a casual.
Navi Singh
Navi Singh Month ago
Finally someone knocks bron for his crying, thank u
Dede Mayenge
Dede Mayenge Month ago
When he gonna leave he Will také him 20 years to get 6 rings
tengis chinzorig
tengis chinzorig 2 months ago
Great job miami they did a really good job
H8 Red
H8 Red 2 months ago
He's right though Jimmy is a "star" just not a "superstar" imo. You don't need superstars you need a "team" and Miami knew how to play az a team as well as anybody ! Shame mist fans (people in general) are so damn gullible.
Joshua Marshall-brown
Joshua Marshall-brown 2 months ago
Look here don't say Mike history LB is the king now
Jose Alfonso Terrero
Jose Alfonso Terrero 2 months ago
2 starters injured, buttler and 3 rookies, won 2 games, lebron would be swept under the same conditions. 2007 cavs led the league in rebounds, top 5 defense, and averaged just 3 points less than the spurs on offense lebron shot 35% for 2 point field goals, over 20 turnovers, 20% from the 3 (4-20) with 2 teammates shooting over 40% he took more shots from 3 than those 2 players combined, 2015 he lost the mvp to a role player, mosgov and thristian had a good series, if iguadola was the mvp, then curry, klay and green were not playing well. Is not just the 6 loses, is how he lost them, swept, 15 point margins, Leonard and iguadola mvps, meltdowns, same thing with the bronze medals, and always had great teammates, never trained young talent, oh well...whatever.
Jose Alfonso Terrero
Jose Alfonso Terrero Month ago
@Z Z back it up, no argument.?
Z Z Month ago
You actually don’t know anything about basketball
SirSuperFlyy 2 months ago
Lebron is great, just not the GOAT!
Sam Smith
Sam Smith 2 months ago
Lebron will NEVER be the goat
Z Z Month ago
@Sam Smith To say he will never be the goat is a ridiculous statement. You cannot see the future, what if lebron wins 25 championships? he probably won't, but you don't know So your statement is false.
Sam Smith
Sam Smith Month ago
@Z Z have you heard of...hmmmm let's see...........oh yeah MICHAEL JORDAN?
Z Z Month ago
How do you know
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