This Changes Nothing
When A Man Becomes A Legend
Marco Ros Quesada
Marco Ros Quesada 11 hours ago
No3 Lumbi
No3 Lumbi 12 hours ago
Me: either Lakers are gonna repeat or golden state will get the win this season Klay Thompson: nah bro
John Doe
John Doe 12 hours ago
M Jordan
M Jordan 13 hours ago
Nice vid..its good to see theDragon get some respect👍🏻
KINGCAM210 13 hours ago
The NFL crushed them yo
Ciaran Brock
Ciaran Brock 13 hours ago
Luka is so underrated
Araxhツ 13 hours ago
Imagine lebron won all 10 of his finals appearances what would that make him?? 🤔
Yianni Douris
Yianni Douris 13 hours ago
Jesus is king and our savior repent of sins so you can be saved
Ima Dike
Ima Dike 13 hours ago
Tha Finals wasnt viewed so much bc errybody hate LeBron for some reason
Luke Anderson
Luke Anderson 13 hours ago
Wilt can’t actually bench 500
Never take a L to a loser
Never take a L to a loser 13 hours ago
now he got drafted and we will se very soon
chuchuchuchia 13 hours ago
Dude can do it all, not many point guards at all got that post footwork game.
Patrick Williams
Patrick Williams 13 hours ago
Bruh, it was the social justice marxist lies, nothing more nothing less. It's the only explanation that makes sense.
Jacob Littlefield
Jacob Littlefield 13 hours ago
Bill Russell needs to be in tier 2
chuchuchuchia 13 hours ago
ZTGTHEGAMER SsJ 13 hours ago
Favorite player kd a legend
Esthetic Wavy
Esthetic Wavy 13 hours ago
luka is future MVP
Gorrez Gorrez
Gorrez Gorrez 13 hours ago
Who’s here after he just won another championship with the lakers
Diior 14 hours ago
dwyane wade is so overrated it’s crazy
Jullpz 14 hours ago
How the nba let a global pandemic happen?
John_Smith Chiropractor
John_Smith Chiropractor 14 hours ago
Get Woke Go Broke
Pvpu 14 hours ago
I tell people constantly that defense is significantly better today compared to past eras, but I've never had a solid argument other than the eye test. This video will now be bookmarked lol. Great video
YoppaXD 14 hours ago
All the 212 dislikes are Irving fans😂😂😂
Jackson Ghaly
Jackson Ghaly 14 hours ago
dang ove watched this so many times hard motivation
Shachar Sharon
Shachar Sharon 14 hours ago
Klay ;(
YoppaXD 14 hours ago
Wowwwww why the police gotta snitch like that
Van Shaver
Van Shaver 14 hours ago
I was at this game live. It kinda sucked
CraftZ 15 hours ago
The amount of ads in youtube videos now a days is disgusting
NickWindz POV
NickWindz POV 15 hours ago
Mobile Sports Machine
Mobile Sports Machine 15 hours ago
so aboout that klay thompson...
Daniel O.
Daniel O. 15 hours ago
Damn, Klay's injury hurts even if you hate the warriors 😞
Sufyaan Virani
Sufyaan Virani 15 hours ago
Larry Hughes tha 🐐
Clutch Chaos
Clutch Chaos 15 hours ago
4 minute intro
Sufyaan Virani
Sufyaan Virani 15 hours ago
My boy jimmy is the USposts Brandon Roy
J P 15 hours ago
where's the blazers on that list?
BreeZe 16 hours ago
“When Kobe Bryant died, a piece of me died.” -Michael Jordan
TwO ChAiNZ gANG 16 hours ago
Gone to political
Mufcpog 16 hours ago
NBA might not get as many viewers as the NFL but that's just in the US. People around the world watch NBA more times than NFL. Out of 10 people, I'd say 8 or 9 people are more interested in the NBA than NFL. But I also do think that more people watch NBA on illegal streams than the NFl as well
Croke835 16 hours ago
5:36 WNBA on the rise? 🤔😂
aniston gotcher
aniston gotcher 16 hours ago
ALXX 16 hours ago
The league was affected by covid, election and odd schedules is such bs.
Michael Griffith
Michael Griffith 16 hours ago
Awesome video, I feel lucky to have been able to watch all of that unfold, and watching this took me back.
Dante Lopez
Dante Lopez 16 hours ago
So we gonna avoid the real reason on why the NBAs ratings went down?
Brick City
Brick City 16 hours ago
Dwyane Wade played just like Mike.
Michael Walker
Michael Walker 16 hours ago
Michael Jordan took a break to play another sport. Yeah, that counts as a break.
RandomStuffFreak 16 hours ago
1:00 for a second i thought this dudes name was Heroin
vetto B
vetto B 16 hours ago
So much more goin on in the world thats much more important then sports. The nba is no where near as good as it was in the 90s and early 2000's............ Way less dunks way less crossovers and people falling way less defense way more calls. way more travels and Carry's that are not called .... Alot of bad calls
Melvin Empleo
Melvin Empleo 16 hours ago
*in an alternate universe where rose was never injured* "Who's Stephen Curry?"
Lucas Alberto
Lucas Alberto 17 hours ago
The fact that LeMello is only 14 and playing high school and still doing great is amazing. Can’t wait to see him in the NBA
ChuTV 17 hours ago
Riley Trottier
Riley Trottier 17 hours ago
but he choked in the finals
Stephen Bailin
Stephen Bailin 17 hours ago
I grew up a Suns fan and it seemed like we lost to the Spurs every freaking playoff series we met. Swept em this year and it made me so happy. Then we met Kobe...
Jordan Melean
Jordan Melean 17 hours ago
All y’all wrong it’s Alex Caruso
Riley Trottier
Riley Trottier 17 hours ago
now he has 1.57 millions
Jeremy H**
Jeremy H** 17 hours ago
It's not just covid. It's the political stance of painting black lives matter on the courts and all the players supporting BLM that turned people off.
Daniel Magnuson
Daniel Magnuson 17 hours ago
Kyrie: toxic and insane, KD: insane, James Harden: toxic..... so basically that’s double the insanity and toxicity and if those 3 players combine then they will not be good
Shane Ng
Shane Ng 17 hours ago
NBA = Defend is a foul. No surprise everyone can score high
007thematrix007 17 hours ago
the g.o.a.t. is at the top of mt. olympus and "the mamba" is his greatest disciple .....
koonkaketv 18 hours ago
Bill Hair
Bill Hair 18 hours ago
When U look at M.J.s stats in the playoffs- U will be convinced that he is the G.O.A.T. plus one year he averaged 32- 8-8 plus 3steals per game
Christopher Jackson
Christopher Jackson 18 hours ago
And Jordan didn't retire to take a break from "playing too much".... When he played, he played nearly every game. Did you hit some rock before making this video?
Sean Maloney
Sean Maloney 18 hours ago
KD was easily #1 in the league before his injury. Smh. I pray he’s just as good when he returns 🙏🏽
Christopher Jackson
Christopher Jackson 18 hours ago
Competing with the NFL is not the reason why nobody is watching.. Has a lot more to do with moving their games to paid television channels and being too political.
LGND APOLLO 18 hours ago
Well, I guess WNBA should be really complaining about their check, thats full on money made by LeBron, Donćić, Lillard, Westbrook etc
STEVEN ANDERSON 18 hours ago
the mvp award has nothing to do with the playoffs.
Kanishk Gandhi
Kanishk Gandhi 18 hours ago
Who’s watching after Mello got drafted 3rd
Ace Morandarte
Ace Morandarte 18 hours ago
I thought it was Jordan who set Paxon on three
Mandingo Babatunde
Mandingo Babatunde 18 hours ago
In my opinion MJ is the GOAT but this vid can’t be uses, half the players in this video haven’t ever seen LBJ play and the others played in MJ era
Ousmané Dembélé
Ousmané Dembélé 18 hours ago
7:33 Harden be like YESSSS
john loft
john loft 18 hours ago
Go woke go broke
Robert Medina
Robert Medina 19 hours ago
Your a freak of nature! Isn’t the NBA full of tall people and some bigger! To every one on the floor he is a little taller and has a some weight advantage.. but Spud Webb was way shorter and super light I would hope he didn’t call them freaks!
Стелиан К.
Стелиан К. 19 hours ago
1:34 double nike socks (black and white) and j1s sheeesh
John Patrick Corral
John Patrick Corral 19 hours ago
When i heard juliannn its like getting cut by a knife lmao
Raymond Salvan
Raymond Salvan 20 hours ago
Chris McCullough
christoper james
christoper james 20 hours ago
I love seeing greatness, and new talent over take the past, but nobodys on Jordan's level lmao. Every story you hear it's the same; MJ was a god
Chris Staples
Chris Staples 20 hours ago
Larry bird sucks
Christian Tiglao
Christian Tiglao 20 hours ago
Scottie is a humble man
cheetah219 20 hours ago
The fact that Jimmy called out obi and he went to the knicks. I'm hopeful...
Vlada Sahovic
Vlada Sahovic 20 hours ago
The average of the 1998 game was 25.666... not 29 million. That is, if you're going by these six games, and there wasn't a game 7 that 49 million people watched. But yeah, the difference in viewership is striking regardless.
Austin Meldrum
Austin Meldrum 20 hours ago
KD is the goat